Bush Yoga – Utthita Trikonasana Extended Triangle

When my mom told me she wanted me to become President, she asked my yogi to explain to me the three branches of the federal government. I remeber him saying something about my right shoe being the legislative branch, my left shoe the judicial, and the rest of my body the upward-reaching executive branch. “Kinda like when your at the ranch and you’re thankful for your boots when you step in something awful,” I said. He just nodded and smiled at me like he always does.

Tips: Your can take your right hand down to your shin instead of the ground. Try to keep a good amount of space between your feet, as the primary focus of the pose should be in the inner groins, hips, and hamstrings. Optional: Picture your trunk turning open, and gaze up to the top hand. To release, bend your front leg and push the ground away with your front foot to come up to center. You should not feel strain in your lower back at any time in this pose. http://www.bushyoga.com/utthita_trikonasana.htm

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