“The Center” for Anusara Yoga Opening Fall 2011

Encinitas, California could rightfully claim a crown as the fountainhead for yoga in North America. Enjoy this wonderfully artistic video and find out how this magical coastal town has drawn yogis from all over the world for nearly a century, and why Anusara yoga founder John Friend is realizing a lifelong dream of making it home.  Read more on John Friend’s blog about this exciting new Encinitas landmark, to be known as “The Center,” and scheduled to open in Fall 2011.  Namaste!


  1. Exciting news about your opening “The Center.” Congratulations!! Very special place, Encinitas, for your special work. I’d love to come. Please send me info. Namaste!

  2. After recently trying an Anusara workshop in Thailand I’m super excited to return home to Southern California a few months in advance of “The Center” opening in my own backyard!

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