Celebrate the Solar Eclipse with these Family-Friendly Yoga Poses

By Sara J. Weis

Are you ready for the solar eclipse? Read on to see how you can celebrate this event as a family with some fun and aligning yoga poses.

On August 21st, the moon will completely eclipse the sun. People all over the United States will be able to witness this rare event.  The alignment, so to speak, needs to be perfect for the moon, sun, and Earth so that the moon can completely block out the sun.

Make this event even more memorable with your family. While waiting for the eclipse, try these creative yoga poses and activities.

Rocket Breath:  Make practicing deep calming breaths fun and relevant for kids by doing Rocket Breath.  Breathe deeply in through your nose while counting up to five. When you get to five, hold your breath for a moment and then exhale out loudly through your mouth as if blasting off.

Sun: Stand in Mountain Pose with arms stretched overhead as if you are reaching for the sun.

Rocket: Go into Chair Pose with legs together, knees bent, and arms overhead to resemble a rocket getting ready to blast into space.

Star Pose: Place your feet wide apart and extend your arms overhead forming an “X” with your arms and legs. Practice a few star jumps as if you are a shooting star.

Half Moon Pose: Begin in Mountain Pose. Place your hand on the ground to the outside of your foot. Lift your other leg behind you. When you feel balanced, lift up your arm and reach for the sky.

After practicing these yoga poses, it is time for Stillness and Savasana. Lie down slowly as if floating in space. Feel weightless and relaxed with your eyes closed for a few moments. You deserve it.

Now remember to wear your special solar eclipse glasses and enjoy this phenomenal moment!


Editor’s Note: This is a guest post by Sara J. Weis,the bestselling author of Go Go Yoga for Kids: A Complete Guide to Using Yoga with Kids, creator of the Kids Yoga Challenge Pose Cards and Kids Yoga 101: How to Teach Yoga at School and Home Online Training. She has over 18 years of experience teaching in the public schools and has led thousands of kids through yoga. She is a certified kid and adult yoga instructor and holds a Master’s Degree in education.

Visit gogoyogakids.com for more information.


  1. I like yoga because it teaches you mindfulness. You have to focus on being present. The solar eclipse represents balance. Something that we are all missing at one point in our lives. This article gave me some inspiration to get back in balance and center myself. I have been getting really out of balance trying to work on my e-commerce business and work a full-time job. I haven’t been taking care of myself like I should. Today is the day that I get back in the groove.

    Wayne Tucker

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