The Yoga+ (Update: Yoga International) Kirtan Yoga Playlist

Soak up this amazing Kirtan Yoga Playlist at Yoga+ (Update: now Yoga International, again).  It’s not one of those “click on the title to download” kind of playlists, but ten actual songs that you can listen to the whole 13 minute song for free and really enjoy.  Not old stuff either.  Very current and great sound quality.   I highly recommend.  If that weren’t enough there’s a bonus playlist with another seven songs.

When you listen to “Amba Parameshwari,” close your eyes and imagine yourself standing in a beautiful forest next to a flowing river.

The Kirtan Playlist

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Bonus Tracks

Vodpod videos no longer available.


    1. Roxie – I’m on my 2nd listen through right now, and I’m probably going to listen to it again tomorrow, and the next day, and the next day… Thanks for saying hi!

  1. hey, have you tried “Wind Accross the Sea” by Jack Harrison……. I play it in class while students are in relaxation, and at the begining when everyone is coming in settling down. I like to listen to it myself at home too… if I’m doing a slowere more restorative practise…
    I dont really like to listen to music while doing my regular practise… i’ve tried it, with various types of music, from kirtan style stuff to trance, to Michael Franti, to a bit of the Boss, but it just doesn’t work for me….

    1. Maria – I don’t think I’ve heard “Wind Across the Sea.” I’ll have to go check it out. I agree with you about the music during yoga, especially if the music doesn’t fit the style of practice. Then it’s doubly distracting. I enjoy music like this kirtan playlist when the rest of the world is blaring too noisily and I want to put some headphones on and relax and focus.

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