The Back-to-Basics Yoga Movement

What better than “A Yoga Manifesto” in The New York Times today to follow up yesterday’s post on yoga’s past, present, and future. Definitely recommended for reading and contemplation.  Great comments, by the way, on yesterday’s post as well.  Thanks to all for the additional perspective.

From Yoga to the People’s homepage:

Something to think about.


  1. AAAAAAAH now that’s better. The focus on yoga fashion just makes me really uncomfortable… weren’t we checking out of ego land when we enter the studio? I at least TRY to. Honest effort right? Great post… take care. I’m a new follower on your blog.

  2. My only concern with Yoga to the People is the amount of people they have in a class. I don’t understand how a teacher can properly teach or how a student can properly learn and not get injured if the class is so full. Especially if you have people of all different levels. I love everything else that they are about though.

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