How to Get More Exercise

[Editor’s Note: This is a guest post from Dahn Yoga on how to bring a little more consciousness and movement to your daily routine.]

The modern professional is seemingly caught in a lose-lose situation. While these individuals may benefit more than just about anyone from exercise, the demands of their jobs often make it difficult to be as physically active as they would like to be. This underscores the importance of finding alternative ways to be physically active.

There are a number of ways individuals can increase the amount of exercise they get on a daily basis without squeezing in extra time at the gym. A few simple activities can be incorporated into a daily routine. While these methods may be very easy and almost incidental, they can add up to major health benefits when practiced regularly.

Taking the stairs is near the top of the list of simple activities that improve fitness. Whether you live in a third- or fourth-floor apartment or your office is located several stories up, you likely have many opportunities to add more stair climbing to your day. And what a workout it is!

Experts say that climbing stairs can burn a significant amount of calories. This means that the time you would normally spend avoiding awkward encounters with coworkers in the elevator can be put toward a major workout that improves your fitness. Everybody wins.

Of course, this is far from the only way to work more physical activity into your normal daily routine. It is possible to practice a few simple yoga positions right at your desk. Yoga can be a very good workout and finding ways to practice it while at the office may remove many of the barriers that often prevent people from pursuing yoga.

Traditional yoga classes can be expensive at times. Furthermore, many people have a difficult time devoting the necessary time to classes. These commitments turn many individuals off of the concept of yoga.

However, practicing yoga at your desk may solve many of these problems. One of the most relaxing yoga moves that can be done at your workspace is the neck roll. It can be performed while sitting in your seat by gently swinging your head from side to side in slow circles. Focus on your breathing while you perform this motion. This helps clear the mind, which is considered one of the primary benefits of yoga.

Next, try a position that will alleviate the tension in your shoulders. Start by standing up and bringing your arms behind your back. With your hands clasped, bring your arms up as high as you can without straining. Extend your chest out forward to maximize the stretch. Again, taking deep, slow breaths is an important aspect of this exercise.

These simple techniques only add a few minutes to your daily routine, but the effect they have on your overall health and fitness can be significant. Think of it as a small investment that will pay major dividends down the road. The hectic nature of your work life may make it seem like there is no room for exercise, but a few minor adjustments to your lifestyle can have you in top shape in no time.


Dahn Yoga is one of the largest yoga and tai chi companies in the world with its own unique style and brand of yoga.  Dahn yoga is rooted in the rich history of an ancient Asian mind-body practice, Sun Do, and in the wisdom of the Chun Bu Kyung.


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