Take Action to Simplify Your Life

Simplify, simplify… Most everything is a distraction.

This simple quote by Thoreau embodies much of what we want in life–simplicity. Most of us know that many of the “necessities” of life, while far from being extravagances, are in reality unnecessary distractions that pull us away from the simple kind of living that is conducive to a “quiet mind.” Interestingly enough, the word “simplify” actually is an action word, indicating that in order to have have fewer distractions we have to recognize those unnecessary distractions in our lives and actually do something about them if we want to eliminate them. So, do something to simplify your life today. At the same time, be mindful when confronted by those distractions you can’t do anything about. Take action, and your life will be simpler!

[Photo originally uploaded on Flickr by dwrawlinson]

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