Journaling the State of Yoga

Bill Harper is publisher of the largest circulating yoga magazine in the world, Yoga Journal. Based out of Active Interest Media’s corporate offices in El Segundo, just north of Manhattan Beach in LA, his day is nonstop. Between managing a portfolio of products, keeping in touch with teams across time zones that stretch from NY to San Francisco, and granting time for interviews such as this one, there’s no doubt that he maintains the balance with a liberal dose of yoga. Here’s what he had to say about running a successful brand and the state of the yoga today.

Daily Yoga Practice — Sometimes Less Is More…

With life constantly on the move and not enough hours in the day, it can be tough to fit in an hour or more of yoga on a consistent basis. Unfortunately, a lot of us talk ourselves out of unrolling the mat if we don't think we have time for a "long" yoga session. Twenty minutes just doesn't seem like enough time to make much difference, does it?

Yoga Blossoms in NYC

[Click video to view on isn't a fan of yoga in the wild jungles of New York?...]

Gentle Flow Yoga with Kathryn Budig

If you're under the weather today or just needing a little more relaxed yoga session, this gentle flow yoga practice on Yoga Journal's Youtube channel should do the trick. Gets the body moving a little bit, without too many sustained inversions. Video…

Evening Relaxation Yoga Sequence by Jason Crandell

"Paying attention to your transitions can bring your focus back to the journey instead of the destination.  When we rush through transitions, we fool ourselves into thinking that once we arrive somewhere--whether it's a pose, a classroom, or a life…

Revitalizing Home Practice Sequence

Hold the pose a little longer and enjoy some serious relaxation with a Yin Yoga practice from Yoga Journal. Related articles Gentle Flow Yoga with Kathryn Budig (