Daily Yoga Practice — Sometimes Less Is More…

With life constantly on the move and not enough hours in the day, it can be tough to fit in an hour or more of yoga on a consistent basis. Unfortunately, a lot of us talk ourselves out of unrolling the mat if we don’t think we have time for a “long” yoga session. Twenty minutes just doesn’t seem like enough time to make much difference, does it?

I’ll concede that more yoga is usually better, but a lot of us forget that a little yoga every day can still have a dramatic impact on our lives. It’s definitely better than no yoga. Unrolling the mat every day, even for just five minutes, proves that sometimes less is more…

Here are a few resources I’ve used lately to help me get on the mat even when time is short:

  • I’m a huge fan of YogaGlo, which offers unlimited access to streaming yoga classes for the price you would normally pay for a live class or two each month.  When you’re in a time-crunch, YogaGlo has options to sort archived classes according to teacher, style, level, duration and specific use. Makes it super simple to find a 10 minute class when that’s all the time you have. YogaGlo has an excellent lineup of instructors and the videos even stream on your iPhone or iPad so you can practice just about anywhere! Click here to see a sample of a 30 minute morning yoga class by Kathryn Budig.
  • Yoga Journal’s free YouTube page features home practice videos ranging from 15 to 25 minutes–perfect for those days when you need a quick yoga pick-me-up. Lest you procrastinate, here’s a 15 minute practice to get you moving:


  1. Short and sweet . . . enjoy the little bit every day mentality . . . it also helps the practitioner to feel like it’s part of their life rather than this large thing that needs to be carved out of their “regular” life. Nice article.

  2. Really enjoy the little bit each day mentality…it can really create this amazing attribute or mentality that this is part of ones living experience rather than carving out this large extensive practice that is removed from their “regular” life.

  3. Just taking a little time off everyday to do yoga sure will makes us a little more stress free even if we are living a stressful life. We don’t have to overdo exercise, we just have to make it part of our lifestyle.

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