Yoga Journal Podcasts

It looks like Yoga Journal has just started a new yoga podcast series. The first episode is a 20-minute practice segment taught by Yoga Basics columnist Jason Crandell. It looks like a promising start to a nice feature.

If you’re into practicing with podcasts, also be sure to check out Elsie’s Yoga Kula. There are many other podcasts out there, but I’m mostly wondering what you all think of yoga podcasts and which ones are your favorite. Maybe you like podcasts, maybe you don’t. I’m just curious.

(By the way, it’s nice to be blogging again…at least for the time being.)

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  1. I’m new to yoga, and therefore new to yoga podcasts. But I have already found one that I like: Hilary, the host and teacher, interviews her students about their practice in some of the episodes. They’re from all levels, so it’s great for beginners. Most of the episodes are classes, but I kind of feel weird following along to audio-only instructions. Once I get more practice, I might try listening to those episodes.

    What I’ve been looking for, and haven’t yet found, is a podcast that has discussion about yoga–philosophy, diet, motivation, how to tips, differences between different styles, etc… Anyone know of a podcast that has more than just classes?

  2. I love podcasts. I’ve been practicing yoga in a studio and on my own for over 6 years now, and I love the podcasts because it offers insite to new classes that I havent seen or tried before. Also, it gives me the option to try some of my favorite instructors that are to far away for me to attend.

    My favorite instructor is Philip Urso. You can find his podcasts at:

    Thank you for letting me share!

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