The Giving Tree: 20 Days of Giving

It’s a funny thing about giving. Even though my life is about being of service, even though everything I do to create a living and a life I love stems from helping other people do the same...I still (STILL!) get…

Yoga Solutions for Better Sleep

Apparently the National Sleep Foundation is onto something. 65% of all Americans have trouble sleeping. Here are some yoga solutions for sleep that I’ve shared along the way to help non-sleepers become dreamy sleepers. I hope they help you, too.

5 Ways to Boost Your Intuition — and Why They Work

RANDOM RUN-INS WITH NOT-SO-RANDOM INSIGHTS I was sick of being tired, and tired of being sick. I had scored my dream job—assistant editor at a top-earning Canadian magazine. Scratch that. It was all I’d dreamt it would be, it just didn’t feel like a dream. I wasn’t sleeping, wasn’t digesting food, wasn’t at ease, wasn’t happy. My anxiety was through the roof.

Stressed? 10 De-Stress Yoga Tips

Yup, I’m a yoga teacher—among other things—and generally speaking an all-round happy-go-lucky gal. Life is FULL of wonder, peace, love, and flow. “Oh sure, but you’re a yoga teacher. You have less stress than other people do.” I know, I know, I’m a yogi, so I spend all day on some mat or another, meditating, chanting, or deep breathing. In my hemp clothing. With my double-strand mala beads. Om.