Less Yoga Pop, More Yoga Culture: Yoga and Visual Culture Symposium Lectures

If you’re looking for a little less yoga pop and a little more yoga culture, the Freer and Sackler Youtube page has some lectures up from the Yoga and Visual Culture symposium held in November 2013. H/T to The Confluence Countdown

Third Installment of the Overly Brief and Incomplete History of Yoga

Thanks for keeping the updates coming Alison! Click the graphic for full-size PDF. To compare this flowchart with the first two, click here and here.

R. Sharath on Yoga Tradition

Ashtanga Yoga Links

It's a quick post today, but if you're looking for some new yoga websites to check out, Slade's Ashtanga Yoga Links has links to hundreds of sites to browse through. There's also a nice compilation of ashtanga yoga books and…