Use Time Well to Simplify Your Life

Think in the morning, act in the noon, read in the evening, and sleep at night.

I really enjoy this line from a poem by William Blake about the ebb and flow of his day. I think life could be so much simpler if we recognized the internal clock that drives each of us, however different those clocks may be. While not everyone is a morning person, it’s important to recognize that certain activities get done best at certain times of the day. The sooner we recognize the fluctuations that our minds and bodies go through every day, the better we can prioritize our time so that we are able to use our time to its maximum benefit. Almost everyone complains that they don’t have enough time in the day. Well, contemplate Blake’s advice and see if implementing this principle has a simplifying and time expanding effect on your schedule.

Link: Tapping the Power of Your Morning  – These guys are a bit A-type personality (and that’s fine!) but the concepts discussed in the article are helpful to think about.

[Photo originally uploaded on Flickr by illmonk]

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