Yoga, Babysitting and Kids

I’ve been told that dads don’t actually “babysit” their own kids. My wife says it’s called ” “parenting.”  Whatever. Whenever mommy is gone it is a crash-course in babysitting for daddy around here. Tonight mommy had some meetings to go to so it was just me and my three-year-old daughter Kennedy “hanging out” after dinner. Having been rather busy lately, what with moving across the country and starting a new job, life has probably been a little more hectic than a three-year-old deserves. So, I decided that tonight I would focus on doing exactly what my little girl wanted to do. With a face like this how could I resist?


We started out reading a book, moved on to coloring, and eventually the idea popped into my head to see how well an informal yoga class with my daughter would go over (with me as the teacher). A few weeks ago I received a free copy of a little yoga book from LibraryThing‘s “Early Reviewers” program titled The Yoga Adventure for Children by Helen Purperhart. Pretty much all I had to do was put the book in my daughter’s hands and she was quickly busy turning herself from a caterpillar to a butterfly or balancing herself like a tree in the wind. Each pose in the book is illustrated with a different animal juxtaposed with a drawn picture of a child in the pose, so she knew exactly what the pose was to look like and pretty much what it was called. Another fun part about the book is that it has an adventure story that children can act out through yoga poses as it is being read to them.

Kennedy loved it! I’m sure there are other good yoga books for kids out there, but I was very impressed by how well Kennedy connected with the pictures. As it turned out, we did yoga together for almost 45 minutes and Kennedy really worked up a sweat. When I finally got Kennedy into bed (late I might add), she told me thanks for teaching her how to do yoga tonight and asked whether we could do it again tomorrow night. I’m not sure Ms. Purperhart needs a much better endorsement than that for her book.


  1. I am SO proud of you, YogaDaddy!

    I’m generally kind of nervous about filling up an hour kids yoga class, but then we get in the room, play some yoga games, imitate animals, talk about a theme, sing yoga songs, and the next thing ya’ know it is time to break out the blankets and blosters for relaxation. The time just flies in my children’s yoga class!

    My experience so far is that younger kids enjoy yoga most when it is light and fun.

    Thanks for the book suggestion.
    Namaste, Katie

  2. My husband LOVES doing Yoga with our 2 1/2 year old son…they keep it going for a long time together! When Dad’s in charge, he also puts on the David Swenson Ashtanga Practice video – his voice is soothing and helps our son relax enough to head to bed easily! Thanks for the entertaining commentary and keep having fun!

    Please check out my blog sometime:

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