Dharma Gypsys ~ Zeppelin and Floyd meet Krishna Das

Described elsewhere as “Zeppelin and Floyd meet Krishna Das,” Dharma Gypsys just might be the ticket to musical enlightenment you’ve been seeking for a long time.  When I say musical enlightenment, you know what I’m talking about.  Some yoga music rocks, and some just plain sucks.  We must avoid sucky yoga music at all costs.  Dharma Gypsys, however, is so far on the opposite end of the suck spectrum it’s not even funny.  Seriously.

I happened across the group’s apparently only album earlier this evening while browsing twitter posts and haven’t stopped listening.  Did I mention this stuff is incredibly good?  I might sleep with my headphones on tonight…

The full title of the album is “Volume One: Music for Yoga, Meditation and General House Cleaning.”

A little info about Dharma Gypsys from the album notes:

Daniel Overberger’s Dharma Gypsys is the unlikely, inevitable result of two lifetimes crossing. After years of playing guitar, touring Europe with death rock bands and producing songs for film and television, Daniel wound up ditching it all to go to India, study yoga, perform kirtan and become a yoga teacher. As he got deeper into kirtan and chanting, one question kept coming up: “Where are the guitar solos?”

Dharma Gypsys was a labor of love and inspiration born from Daniel’s vision of joining kirtan and rock music, like some kind of Shiva Frankenstein. It began to show signs of life when he met singer Katrina Chester at one of his yoga classes. From that point on, the Dharma Gypsys was an unstoppable force.

In my humble opinion, unstoppable force might be an understatement.  Can’t wait for Volume Two.


Download and listen to the entire album on lala.com
Also available on Amazon.com


  1. wow, they are fantastic! Thanks for sharing. They also are on iTunes, since that lala website doesn’t seem to allow users outside the US to listen.

    1. Hey Callah, That’s a bummer that you don’t get lala.com where you live since lala lets you to listen to an entire song or album before purchasing it.

      Congrats on becoming a kids yoga instructor! I added a link to your blog. Namaste!

  2. Hi Brian:

    Been trying to figure out why all of a sudden I was getting so many hits on my CDBaby page and youtube. Thank you so much for your kind words, which are really helping our super-independent work reach people. Glad you like the album.

    You rock.

    Namaste and thanks again,
    Daniel Overberger of Dharma Gypsys

    1. My pleasure Daniel! Please keep us in the loop of any future plans you have for a Volume 2:) I’m actually listening to the album right now, which is at least providing some aural enjoyment during an otherwise tedious late night at work. Keep the great music coming!


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