Yoga Challenge (Days 3 & 4): Gettin’ the Job Done

It’s day four of my roll out the mat challenge, and the
magic of throwing out my yoga blanket still keeps working. Yes, it is working, in spite of the insanely busy days wrapping up things at work before the big move to Japan in less than two weeks. This may be the weirdest yoga challenge I’ve attempted so far due to the fact that I really have no routine or plan for my practice other than to just make sure I keep my commitment to unroll/throw out my mat every single day.

I suppose I’m not so much looking for an intense workout or episode of breakthrough enlightenment, but desiring more just to get back in the regular habit of stepping on the mat on a consistent basis. Like I mentioned the other day, this is all about overcoming that natural laziness that compels us to avoid truly experiencing life. Laziness wants us to stick with the status quo of shutting off our brains (going on autopilot essentially) and becoming a thoughtless drone that lives only for the next episode of reality tv. Living through someone else is hardly living at all, yet that’s exactly what many of us do. Perhaps people who try yoga end up loving it because it provides those few minutes of the day to experience more than just vicarious living.

Thanks to all those offering words of encouragement! Good luck to those who are also challenging themselves to break the chains of laziness and do something different this month. Namaste!


  1. This is one of the best possible things you could be doing for yourself any old day, but especially when life is chaotic. I’ll be sending good energy your way! Love + Peace.

  2. Hi Brian!

    We love your new challenge. First off, just want to say Go Yogi, go!
    No more vicarious second hand prana for you – just pure Freshies ; )

    Will it be ok if we use your photo from this blog to post about you on The Magazine of Yoga?

    Drop us a line at The Magazine and let us know how we can support you. And say hi to your mom for us!

    Best Regards

    Margo and Susan
    Founders, The Magazine of Yoga

    1. Margo and Susan,

      So happy you found Daily Cup of Yoga!! I love your Internet-based yoga magazine and have enjoyed the no-nonsense approach to a purposeful and consistent yoga practice. Definitely looks like you have a good thing going there. I’ll be stopping by lots for helpful motivation and advice:)

      All the best,

      P.S. Feel free to borrow or steal any content from my blog that you desire.

  3. I’ve just started an intensive month long yoga training so the whole month will definitely be a challenge. Good luck with yours! Sometimes unstructured can be the best way to learn something, that you maybe didn;t know you were looking to learn!

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