Yoga is to Running as Yin is to Yang

Many of us who love both running and yoga know how important it is to balance both activities in our lives.  Not a simple thing to do since running and yoga require time and dedication to become proficient at either.  Even those who practice a fairly vigorous form of yoga have likely learned from experience that it’s a long climb back aerobically after those periods of time when they take a break from running.

I’m not sure you can ever have too much yoga, but too much running without enough yoga (or a good stretching routine) can create a lot of issues for those of us with the genetic predisposition of a two-by-four.  Instead of popping advil like candy after your next long run, why not take 20 minutes to balance out your running muscles with the following yoga sequence crafted by Callah at my yoga life:


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  1. Yes thank you for posting this! I definitely need to find time for both running and yoga – it’s funny how a daily yoga practice does not seem to help keep up my conditioning for running at all. Recently I’ve been doing a short run right before my yoga practice which I really like – it helps warm up my body for practice and then the yoga helps stretch and realign things.

    1. Hey Callah! My bad! I totally thought I credited you for the sequence. Must be the July heat! Sounds like you’re enjoying teacher training. Thanks for stopping by:)

  2. Hello Daily Cup of a Yoga! I am a wellness practitioner. I am creating a logo for my business and wanted to possibly use the enchanting yin yang symbol you posted with your log. Did you create it? Or do you know who did? Thank you!! 🙏🏽

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