Sixty Times Per Second?

Editor’s note:   This is a guest blog post by Aadil Palkhivala, cofounder of Yoga Centers in Bellevue, WA. 

Yoga is not to be performed; yoga is to be lived. ~ Aadil Palkhivala

One night, Savitri and I were fast asleep in our home in Bellevue.  Out of the blue, we both woke up at the same time and looked at each other. 
“Did you feel that? Do you feel peaceful suddenly?” I asked her. 

“What happened?” she asked me. I got out of bed to have a look around. It was then that we noticed why we suddenly felt so relaxed and peaceful. The power had gone out! It is so easy to forget how good it feels to be away from the influence of electricity, radiation waves, and magnetic fields.
Remember how peaceful it feels to walk in a forest? This is in large part because the body is not being agitated by electromagnetic energy fields. The body responds to energy fields without interpretation: it cannot help but respond and cannot NOT be manipulated by the currents of electricity. When a wire passes close to me, it is sending out a magnetic field in a certain direction. When the electricity runs on an Alternating Current (“AC”), the direction of the movement alternates 60 times per second.

There are two dangerous responses to this current that happen in the body. The first is in the blood. Because of the iron molecules in our blood, the blood is forced to move in the direction of the electricity. That means my blood is also being forced to change “direction” 60 times per second! This is very agitating to the body. 

The second is the nerves. Our nervous system is electric and is directly affected by AC. The nervous system becomes exhausted and can no longer protect us from stress. The brain, which is the central nervous system, is being affected to the point that there are now more youth deaths from brain tumors than other forms of cancer. Brain tumors are on the rise in the last 10 years, immediately after cell phone use (which use microwave frequencies) has taken off.
DC, or direct current, only moves in one direction and so does not agitate the blood and nerves like AC. However, DC does not travel as far along wires, and therefore cannot be turned into a marketable commodity in the way the AC has in this country! There is much more to this story, but consider this: the light bulbs that Edison created are still working in his home today – they have never run out and they run on, you guessed it, DC! Imagine the possibilities if our country was run on DC power instead of AC….

So, what do we do to protect ourselves against radiation, microwaves, electricity and magnetic fields?  First, we must NOT worry! In fact, worrying causes more damage than the EMFs!  Second, make sure you are safe, without worrying! One simple, effective, and free thing to do is to move your bed about 6-8 inches away from the walls. Since most homes have wires running in the walls, this will eliminate exposure to your head for the 6-9 hours a day you are sleeping. Also, in the bedroom, move any electric clocks away from your head – battery clocks are fine. 

Here are some other ways to protect yourself:

  • Of course, do not use a microwave oven. Even electric ovens emit high amounts of EMFs, so try not to stand near them for too long when they are on.
  • Don’t stand between a cordless phone and its receiver, so the transmitted waves do not move through your body.
  • Unplug equipment you are not using.
  • Use an air-tube head set on your cell phone. (See our recent article on cell phone dangers and the work of Dr. George Carlo: “What the Cell Phone Industry Doesn’t Want You to Know”)
  • Exercise and deep breathing keep cells healthy by moving nutrients and oxygen into the body, and moving metabolic waste and old cells out of the body. Use cleansing nutrition like Fortune Delight and Calli.
  • Visit the EMF Safety Superstore at for Trifield Meters, Faraday bed screens, and many other products that protect the body from EMFs.
  • For more information, visit I highly recommend this informative website.

Co-Owner of Yoga Centers
Bellevue, WA

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