Unplug, Tune Up, Clear Up with Energy Regeneration Day

Wanted to let you know about a new program that launched this week — Energy Regeneration Day — designed to recharge the body and the planet, created by world-renowned yoga instructor, Shiva Rea – together with MandukaYogaDownload.com and Global Green. From now until September 22, Shiva invites all to serve as activists in a practical response to the global energy crisis by participating in a self-imposed retreat from the stresses of modern life.

In solidarity with the planet, observing just one Energy Regeneration Day involves:

  • Unplugging – all but the fridge to live free of email, cell phones and DVR.
  • Tuning In – Spending your day off the grid doing yoga and spending creative, quality time with loved ones.
  • Clearing Up – Fasting from technology and heavy foods, feasting on eco-positive vegan fare.

Energy Regeneration Day participants are invited to register as Yoga Energy Ambassadors at www.yogaenergyactivism.com and share their experiences. If the break from the stress of the daily grind yields positive benefits for your life, Shiva hopes you will continue to observe Energy Regeneration Days each week, finding 24 hours for simple, off the grid living that reduces your overall carbon footprint by 1/7.

Check out Shiva’s interview on Energy Regeneration Day:

We hope you will partake in this planet loving movement.

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