Meet the Fockers of Wanderlust…SPEAKEASY 2011

Always let yourself wander…
…because life’s most beautiful moments come in the spaces…

Video description:

Come meet the Fockers of Wanderlust! One of the central purposes of Wanderlust is to create community around shared values. Meet the founders of Wanderlust, Jeff Krasno, Schuyler Grant and Sean Hoess, to discuss how to grow this community and define its values. Hear about the inspiration behind Wanderlust from Yoga to Yoda and share your ideas on how to evolve the event.

Wanderlust was created by three friends with a long and deep relationship: the 20+ year husband and wife duo of Jeff Krasno and Schuyler Grant, and their mutual friend (and Jeff’s business partner of a decade), Sean Hoess. We all met back in college during the dark ages of the late 80s. Long before Wanderlust existed, we loved to throw a good party and that hasn’t changed much.

But Wanderlust is more than a party. While it’s a great time, from the beginning we wanted to infuse it with meaning. We saw an opportunity to create an event that is fun but also based on a series of underlying ideals. We hoped to create a unique event where attendees were actually participants, an event where people left feeling better than when they came, an event that could be – at the very least – a good time and – at the most — personally transformative.

Finding a clear and concise purpose is a process both for a business and an individual. It’s very hard to distill & it can change. For Wanderlust, our core purpose is to create community around shared values. It has been incredibly gratifying to see such a large community growing around the pillars of mindful living – yoga, the arts, personal spirituality, environmentalism, organics and conscious consumerism – and to know that Wanderlust is becoming a central gathering point for this community.

The cauldron of talent at Wanderlust never ceases to amaze us and while we continue to seek out diverse and gifted artists, teachers, speakers and leaders — it often feels like the festival is being equally shaped by the talent of its participants. The scholars, buskers, acroyogis, hoopers, and artists that have organically integrated into the event have created the kind of exchange of ideas and energy that could never be replicated by any traditional festival or concert experience.

Wanderlust continues to evolve to include a broader range of experiences, including hiking, biking, running and other outdoor activities, a more diverse array of lectures, expanded food and wine events, movement and burlesque workshops, and even a community garden project. Wherever possible, these new activities will involve interaction and interactivity, so our attendees can learn and create as part of the event.

Wanderlust 2012 will be bigger and better than ever. There’s a lot to do, and many more locations at which to do it. We hope you can come take advantage of all of it, but don’t plan too hard. Always let yourself wander, because life’s most beautiful moments come in the spaces.

Please visit to learn more about the lineup for 2012!

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