“Yoga With a View”

Last night while waiting for the Bachelorette finale to pop up on Hulu (don’t judge me…), right there on Hulu’s front page I came across a new yoga series that looks like a great way to get a quick yoga pick-me-up. Many of you will likely be familiar with the yoga instructor — the new Mrs. Alec Baldwin, a.k.a. Hilaria Thomas (@hilariabaldwin) — who has been in the news a lot lately and also teamed up with Plum TV for six episodes of “Yoga with a View” on Hulu.

I’m a huge fan of YogaGlo, but it’s tough to argue with a free, refreshing, and calming way to start and end each day.  Shot on location from spectacular settings, the series provides a convenient and visually stunning way to de-stress and recharge in 20 minutes.

Here’s a little flavor of what to expect:

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