Tiny Devotions + Daily Cup of Yoga Mala Giveaway

With summer days quickly fading and the summer yoga festival circuit coming to a symbolic savasana (wait, wait…you still have time to hit up Bhakti Fest!), we thought you could use a little sunny news. So cheer up because right now you have a chance to win some new yoga mala bling, courtesy of Tiny Devotions!

As I mentioned on Twitter a few days ago, the first yoga book I ever read was Yoga for Dummies by the late yoga scholar, Georg Feuerstein. Yeah, I thought it would be on my level at the time so I picked it up at the local Barnes & Noble, but I discovered and have since realized I couldn’t have started my yoga journey with a better book. I now have a pretty extensive yoga library, but I would still highly recommend Yoga for Dummies to any aspiring yogi.

How to win: Anyhow, to win a fabulous 108 bead mala, leave a comment about the first yoga book you read and let us know what you thought about it. Also, it wouldn’t hurt if you left a preference in the comment of your favorite 108 bead mala with a link (check them out here).

The winner will be chosen at random and announced next Wednesday (5 Sept 12). Good luck and namaste!


  1. The first yoga book I read was Yoga Body Buddha Mind by Cyndi Lee. I was on my first out of the country vacation and it helped me in ways I couldn’t have known. I was able to take this book with me to the beach with my morning coffee everyday and do some yoga to ease me into my day. I am waiting to get my own copy so I can pass it on to others who may be wanting to know more about easing into yoga. I would be honored to own the Buddha Mala, knowing that my tiny devotion will keep me focused on keeping my spirits up.

  2. The first yoga book I read was “Yoga and the Quest for Self” by Stephen Cope. I love how accessible he made spirituality. Until then I assumed I had to leave all of my worldly possessions, and live in a shack in Nepal to “achieve” spirituality. Instead, the book opened a door to a new perspective on the spirituality that already resides in all of us. I decided to pursue my 200 hour yoga certification after reading. My favorite Tiny Devotions mala is the Vibration Mala – Magnesite and Moonstone.

  3. The first book on yoga that I ever read was ‘Yoga and the Quest for the True Self’ – by Stephen Cope… In all my newness ans passion for yoga, I ate up everything I could get my hands on about yoga and the various philosophies, paths and perspectives. This is an intimate look at Stephen’s own journey, a book that I would recommend. It’s interesting, I was just looking at Mala beads on line yesterday, yet the price tag is a little step for me at this point in my journey… To win some would be a wonderful gift. All of the Tiny Devotion Mala’s are beautiful; I would love the TRansition, Ocena or Buddha Stack or the Carnelion, Marathon or Goddess Mala – all with a focus on healing, abundance and transition… Love!

  4. My first yoga book was a Hatha book…I don’t remember the name, it was my ex husbands grandmothers. I loved it and learned so much from it, and felt an unspoken kinship with his grandmother because of that book. When we separated, he asked for it back, and I remember feeling like I was losing an old friend, along with everything else. Now, I can look back and be grateful for my yoga beginnings, one of the positives I got from that relationship, including my children.

    My fav Mala:
    Since I cant decide on one….
    Amazonite Mala
    Ambition Mala
    Water Mala


  5. The first Yoga book that I ever read was “Yoga for Emotional Balance” by Bo Forbes. In January of this year I had a medical condition that triggered me to have anxiety/panic disorder (even after the medical condition was taken care of.) It was suggested to me that I turn to yoga to help ground myself, and I have to say that yoga has changed my life! Now I practice yoga 2-3 times a week at a local studio and a lot of my anxiety has subsided. This book was an extremely helpful tool for me because it focuses on different breathing techniques and postures that are calming and easy to incorporate into my daily routine. The author is a Psychologist and uses a lot of scientific data and personal experience to back up his methods.I just completed my reiki level 2 certification this weekend where we learned a lot about stones and the different energies that they each produce. If I were to win something I would love the Amazonite Mala to help relieve fear and anxiety. Namaste!

  6. I actually don’t remember the name of my first yoga book! It was a gift from my mom and somehow ended up on my sister’s bookshelf….

    I love both the sun- and moonstone malas! Thanks so much for the giveaway.

  7. I was lucky to start discovering yoga with a great teacher at my local gym. After I started a home practice I had a used copy of Cyndi Lee’s OM Yoga – I think the stick-figure illustrations made it really accessible and kept the whole thing from being too focused on ‘perfecting’ a pose. As for the malas – wow they are all lovely but I really like the Authenticity Mala.

  8. Namaste, and hip-hip-horray for Tiny Devotions Mala Giveaways!
    “Yoga and Ayurveda: Self-Healing and Self-Realization” by David Frawley was the first book on yoga I read. It beautifully tied the two practices together, and gave me a deeper understanding of inner nature, while educating me how to bring myself into balance and harmony. I had practiced yoga for many years prior to reading this book, but it made me understand why I felt peace in certain poses/practices over others. Mainly, I need poses to cool myself, so I felt empowered in doing yoga that one might view as ‘wimpier’ instead of an invigorating practice. I have noticed a remarkable improvement in my conscious connection to All when I lead myself through a practice after having read this book.

    The Goddess Mala resonates most with me at this point in my development.

    Thank you kindly, and have a wonderful day!

  9. Believe it or not the first book I read about yoga was Yoga for Dummies. I figured why not start there with a general introduction to the history and beginnings of the various yoga traditions in addition to having illustrations and steps to follow for a home practice when I couldn’t make it to a class.

    There are actually two malas that I really like, first the Buddha Mala and second the Rejuvenation Mala.

  10. Great contest! The first yoga-related book I read was Awake in the World by Canadian Yogi and Buddhist teacher, Michael Stone.

    It blew my mind because he challenged me to think about things I’d never thought of before like being aware of my integration and connection to the world around me – from the environment to communities to specific relationships. It was what really opened my heart to the world of yoga/meditation beyond asana. Because I was still so new to yoga I had to reread many things 4 times over 🙂 and still go back to it to discover new things I missed.

    I love all the malas, especially the Mermaid one – I’ve always been attracted to that beautiful seafoam colour and think its qualities would help me speak my truth.

  11. My first yoga book was “A Morning Cup of Yoga.” I bought it after I had my first daughter thinking that the stretching would be good for me, but not being naturally flexible, I was a little bit afraid of the poses. I even put it down for a while until I felt “called” to the 2010 Soltice in the Square. Now, I’m still not incredibly flexible, but I’m no longer afraid to try new poses when I practice. 🙂

    I, too, really like two of the malas: Amethyst Om Mala and Black Onyx Mala.

  12. Although I had done yoga off and on for a few years via videotapes, it wasn’t until after year of regular practice at a studio that I actually read a book about yoga. The book was Stretch: The Unlikely Making of a Yoga Dude, by Neal Pollack. I found it very comforting to know that I was not alone in my experiences in a predominantly woman’s practice, and I laughed outloud throughout.

  13. My first Yoga book was The Bhagavad Gita…hah…just kidding! My first “yoga-like” book was the Tao of Pooh 🙂 Promptly followed by the Te of Piglet.

    I like the White Jade Highest Potential Mala.

    Namaste and thank you!

  14. Yoga For Beginners: A Quick-Start Guide to Practicing Yoga for New Students by Timothy Burgin was my first yoga book.
    Being new to yoga this book gave me information on the history, philosophy and practice of yoga. The information was given in a way that is easy to understand for beginning yoga students like myself.
    He first leads you through an explanation of the origins of yoga and guidelines for practicing, then he breaks down the basics of pranayama and meditation. Most of the book is explaining the asanas/physical postures, how to practice them safely and correctly, and sequences to use. He provides detailed step-by-step instruction, including variations of and contraindications for each pose. The pages have pictures demonstrating each pose which I found very informative.

    I love the Amethyst OM Mala as I am searching for peace and tranquility!

  15. The first book I ever read was Slim, Clam, Sexy by Tara Styles. I really loved her different approach to doing yoga. It was perfect for a beginner because she had a really down to earth approach to each pose. Now being deeper into my yoga practice, I can handle more in depth books, since I now crave to learn more about the history and philosophy of yoga.

    My favorites are the beautiful Aussie Mala and the Wave Mala.

  16. I don’t actually read a lot of yoga books but one that sticks out in my mind from last year was Yoga Bitch, by Suzanne Morisson. So funny and made me realize I dont have to be perfect to be a yogi.

    I love the guardian mala!

  17. The Key Muscles of Yoga: Scientific Keys Volume 1. Growing up a dancer, I have always been curious about the anatomy of movement and how our bodies support themselves on a structural level. I happened upon this book while I was house sitting for a friend and it really allowed me to deepen my practice. It was and has been a great reference! I would love to be the proud owner of the Awakening Mala or the Amazonite Mala. Thank you!

  18. The first yoga book I read was Yoga in Daily Life: The System and I still use some of the pranayama and meditation techniques a decade later. I would love the Aussie Mala.

  19. Radical Acceptance by Tara Brach. It was more self-help but came from a buddhist’s perspective. I read it during a rough breakup and it changed my attitudes about life. Then it led me further into Buddhist teachings and life has been steadily improving as I walk my path.
    I’d love the water mala!

  20. The very first yoga book I read, beginning to end, was the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali by Sri S. Satchidananda. I read it as part of my teacher training, but it has since become a guide for me in my life and practice. I always keep it by my side and often quote from it when I teach my students. I love this book’s simplicity and wisdom. Namaste.

    I absolutely love the African Jade Mala!

  21. I didn’t start reading yoga books (not including Eat Pray Love) until my first teacher training so I picked up BKS Iyengar’s Light on Yoga for my training and my mum “leant” me Erich Schiffmann’s Yoga: The Spirit and Practice of Moving into Stillness. Iyengar has given me the history and foundations while Schiffmann has provided some phrasing and concepts. My current go-to book is Dr Abigail Ellsworth’s Anatomy of Yoga.

    I’m excited to take a closer look at everyone’s books and add them to my book list!

    I love the White Jade Highest Potential mala and the Gangster Stack 🙂

  22. First “yoga” book I read? Stephen Cope’s The Wisdom of Yoga. Blew my hair back and helped me see what it was I was experiencing while just starting my yoga practice. I realized then I was on my journey to heal and his writing appealed to my logical, left brain which needed practical explanation.

    I WUV the Amazonite Mala. It’s right where I am in my life.

  23. I am actually just reading my first yoga book right now “Journey Into Power” by Baron Baptiste. It is very interesting and helping me deepen my practice.

  24. The first yoga book I ever read was Yoga: The Path to Holistic Health by B. K. S. Iyengar. I knew nothing about yoga and it was the perfect way to learn about the positions, practice, and was the fuel I need to continue learning. I am a yoga devotee and holistic health coach today!

    Rejuvenation Mala! ❤ ❤ ❤

  25. The first yoga book I ever read is Meditations from the Mat by Rolf Gates. I am still reading it, just picked it up a short while ago. It is a daily reflection yoga book, and I enjoy turning to it everyday. I highly recommend it.

  26. The first yoga book that I read was “Slim, Calm, Sexy” by Tara Stiles. I had seen and heard so much about her that I just had to pick up the book. The way she explained the practice was something that really resonated with me. I enjoy the way she teaches and makes people feel like yoga is for everyone. My favorite Malas would have to be the Wave Mala & the Sea of Possibility Mala. Thanks for the fabulous Giveaway!

  27. My first yoga book was Journey Into Power by Baron Baptiste. Holy wow! This book is so incredible. My friend recommended it to me and I was blown away. The book isn’t so much about yoga as it is about transforming your life and living your highest purpose and using yoga as a tool to find you power. The descriptions and pictures can turn anyone into a yogi! I love it and would recommend it to anyone interested in bettering their lives.

    I love the water mala, especially because it fits with the theme of the power- calm power.

  28. My first yoga book was by Richard Hittleman–28 Days of Yoga. I still have a copy but can’t say it ever made as big impression as some of hte others now in my library (including several by the now late, great George Feuerstein). Many, many years ago. I got tuned into yoga by Lilias Folan on PBS in the ’70’s and eventually it found its way back to me in 2002 and I am so happy to have it in my life.

  29. I have never actually read a yoga book (outside of Eat Love Pray) but I am about to start searching for yoga for dummies right now 😉

    Amazonite Mala has my heart!

  30. “Happy Yoga” by Steve Ross is the first yoga book I read. I had teachers reading excerpts from it in class, so I finally decided to read it. It was what lead me to see the true meaning of yoga beyond the physical benefits. I learned to tap into my mind and spirit.

    I love all of the malas but my favorites are the Heart Quartz Mala and the Wave Mala!

  31. My first book (just bought it a few weeks ago) is Meditations from the Mat. What a wonderful read. There is a passage for everyday of the year, explaining the eight limbs of yoga (not just the asanas) and putting it into modern context. My favorite teacher used to us in savasana 🙂 .The intuition mala is really calling my name! namaste

  32. The first Yoga Book I’ve read was many Years ago. It was Richard Hittleman’s Yoga: 28 Day Exercise Plan. I was impressed with Hittleman’s teaching skill. He was one of the Pioneers who actually helped to introduce Yoga in the USA and his Book gave you some insight and history into Yoga. His style was gentle and simple yet very effective. I had a very hectic Lifestyle in those Days. As we all know Life is hectic and Time waits for no one. Yoga keeps you grounded and centered. We all need it in our Life. I will forever be grateful to Richard Hittleman for sharing and teaching what he loved with all.

  33. I have never read a yoga book before! I had never thought of doing that until I read this post. I will definitely have to read Yoga for Dummies. I just recently got into yoga this spring by youtube videos and have absolutely fallen in love with it! I think reading that book will really transform my yoga experience and take me to a new level of understanding yoga.
    P.S. the amazonite mala beads are beautiful!

  34. The first yoga book I read cover to cover was “How Yoga Works.” I found it because my teacher read from it in class one day. It’s such an amazing book. It’s not technical and sleepy, but it’s a novel/narrative of a teacher (who also happens to be female!) who is put in jail in India (for a misunderstanding) where the warden asks her to teach him Yoga. The story covers all of yoga from the asana to the philosophy and truly demonstrates how the daily application of yogic practices can enhance your life. It’s a wonderful book that I hope to share with my students this fall in book club at my studio 🙂

  35. The first yoga book I read was Meditations from the Mat. I still pick it up and reread passages. My favorite malas are the Freedom, Mama Mala, and Sea of Possibility. Thanks for the giveaway!

  36. My first yoga book was The Little Book of Yoga by Erika Dillman. Filled with cute stick figures in asanas, it was a great first reference book and helped me start my yoga practice. I am enamored with the Awakening mala! Peace and namaste xo

  37. My first yoga book was The Women’s Book of Yoga & Health and it helped me release tension and strengthen my body to support my weak and hurting knees. Since reading that book and going over certain things it has opened up the world of yoga to me and I am now able to complete some of the more challenging poses of Ashtanga yoga (Primary Series). I’m still a newbie to Ashtanga but things that tweak leg movements under normal circumstances for injured knees has all but dissipated thanks to finding that book.

    My favorite malas by TD has to be either the Let It Go mala (Because I tend to harbor things that I don’t have power over) or the Transition stack (I need to learn to better coordinate my transitions as well as accept that they may not always be perfect).


  38. The first yoga book I have read and continue to go back to is Meditations from the Mat by Rolf Gates. It has become my go to guide for deeper understanding of the 8 Limb Path and has always given me exactly what I needed for reflection and insight. I think I will need to tape the spine of the book soon as it has continuously blossomed open for me to receive pieces of its beauty. The Transition Stack seems to keep calling me and I would love to be the proud wearer of something so special. Aloha!

  39. This is so awesome! I’ve been wanting one of these for a while.

    The first yoga book I read was Bikram Yoga. Bikram was the first yoga I began doing in high school. It was great to read about his philosophy and the reason he created the series. It is funny to compare his sass to the books I’ve read since then!

    I love the water mala! Anything turquoise. They have such great pieces.

  40. Yoga Chick: A Hip Guide to Everything Om was the first yoga book I read! It was great. Recipes, yoga poses, meditation tips, tips for my practice, info on special diets, metaphysical properties of stones, oils and LOTS more! The poses were easy to see, also. Great book! Gotta love my yoga! Still practicing 8 years later, thanks to a good beginning!

  41. The first yoga book I read was “Yoga Mind and Body” by Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre. It’s a comprehensive guide to basic Hatha asana, but it also talks about the meaning behind meditation, vegetarian diets, yoga history.. etc. It describes how to get into poses, how to hold them, and how to get out of them. It also describes different variations that can come from each pose. The images/models are beautiful yogis. It was a fantastic book to get started with! Turns out, my teacher training course chose the book as one of our texts. I was thrilled! I have enjoyed rereading the book with the knowledge I have now. I LOVE the Kathryn Budig “Aim True” mala. Hers was the first yoga DVD I have ever loved. She is sweet and encouraging, but also hugely gifted and well practiced. I look up to her a lot! http://shop.lovetinydevotions.com/collections/all/products/kathryn-budig-aim-true-mala

  42. first and super incredible yoga book i read was How Yoga Works by Christie McNally. It’s an incredible story of adventure and yoga breakthrough that illustrates the yoga sutras. p.s. I love the Moonstone and Mermaid malas- beautiful!

  43. The 1st yoga book I read was “Slim Calm Sexy” by Tara Stiles. I always thought workout books w/ step-by-step photos never worked for anyone, but that book is amazing for beginner yogis & more experienced yogis looking to polish their form. Tara Stiles has this easy, approachable, “ANYONE can Yoga” attitude, and I love it so much more b/c of her style of teaching. SlimCalmSexy = Total GameChanger

    *I’m most drawn to the Mermaid Mala 🙂

  44. The first yoga book I read was one written by Christy Turlington. She is graceful and elegant. I like the moonstone and mermaid malas.

  45. Living Your Yoga is the first yoga book I read. I learned to live my yoga..with myself, my relationships, and our world. To feel connected, stay centered, just breathe, while vibrating love and positivity from the inside out. Focus wasn’t on perfecting asanas but rather on  living my yoga..on and off the mat, and out into the world, which is where it begins 🙂
    Peace, love, and prosperity to all 🙂 xo
    I love this:

  46. The very first yoga book I read was “Live Good!” by an Estonian author living in UK – Ulrika Laan. This book is about both physical and spiritual aspects of yoga, it introduces different breathing exercises as well as different asanas. This book helps readers to figure out which yoga style could be the best choice for them, also it introduces various meditations and vegetarian lifestyle and how to live a happy holy life:)
    All the malas are truly beautiful, my favorite is Awakening Mala!

  47. I distinctly recall checking out my first yoga book from the library 13 or so years ago. There was a lot of text with black and white photographs of a man with just a cloth wrapped around his lower half. It was on the smaller side for books, and might have been published in the early 80’s. It was the only book my library had at the time for yoga. I remember learning the sun salutations from it — it explained the signifigance behind “saluting” the sun. I am not sure if I even paid attention to the title or who it was by. Flash forward 13 years, this past January, I enrolled in a yoga teacher training course. The first yoga book I read through this was How Yoga Works. I feel like I could read it 10 more times and learn something new each time.

    As for malas, I’ve been keen on the prosperity mala for a while!

  48. First book I read was Autobiography of A Yogi. It changed my life. I bought copies for family, my friends, but they didn’t seem as moved as I.

    My preference is the Goddess Mala

  49. I never read a yoga book until I started YTT, the one I love so far is Hatha Yoga Illustrated by Kirk,boon & DiTuro. Lots of books to choose from now from all the other comments 🙂

    My favorite mala is ” Let it go ” mala, something I need to practice doing.

  50. I never read a yoga book until I started YTT, the one I love so far is Hatha Yoga Illustrated by Kirk,boon & DiTuro. Lots of books to choose from now from all the other comments

    My favorite mala is ” Let it go ” mala, something I need to practice doing.

  51. The first yoga book I read was ‘Yoga from the Inside Out’ by Christina Sell. It was early on in my yoga journey and it totally resonated with how yoga was changing me. It really highlighted the idea of loving who you are and being kind to yourself as part of your practice. It still inspires me today. I have had the chance to take class with Christina and still read her blog.

  52. I bought two books at the same time. They were, “Yoga: The Iyengar Way” by Silva Mehta and “Om Yoga: A Guide to Daily Practice” by Cyndi Lee. That was a few years ago. Have since bought others and many DVDs. Just recently started taking my first classes. I live in a rual area and classes were never available. Loving it!

    Favorite mala is “Water mala” and “The Authenticity Mala”. Hard to choose one!

  53. The first yoga book I read was Yoga Bitch. I appreciated the author’s struggle with the extreme “drink the Kool-aid” beliefs and her own desire to create a meaningful practice and find balance in her life. Highly recommend this funny, touching book.
    I love the Mama Mala! Beautiful!

  54. The first yoga book I read was the Yoga Sutras, and I had the gift of reading it in sections with my teacher. It changed my perspective of myself and life, weekly, and the lessons and knowledge are still a part of my every day two years later. Oh, and I love the Adventure Mala! Thanks!

  55. The first yoga book I read was The Heart of Yoga by TKV Desikachar. It opened up my world to yoga which I quickly came to realize was a journey that would never end. That’s what I love about yoga; it is a path that can lead to you to anywhere. Oh, and my favorite mala is the Wave Mala. Simply beautiful. Namaste.

  56. First yoga book I read was “Asanas: 608 Yoga Poses by Dharma Mittra”. It’s an illustration of 608 poses with the correct alignment and posture. Many of the poses were originated by Dharma himself.. such a great inspiration to have a well balanced yoga practice and work hard to one day reach the level of Dharma Mittra. This man is amazing!

  57. That’s awesome, Tiny Devotions makes some really pretty things that I love a bunch but I just can’t afford at the moment. The first yoga book, well I read both in tandem, Yoga Sutras and Yoga Bitch, a nice but funny light read. Yoga Sutras very information and changes your perspective on some things that we fail to see or look at. I became immersed in yoga some years ago but my practice I believe deepened at some point last year where I just began to “get” it more, I felt more deep, more within, more at peace… A sense of feeling comfortable in my skin and enpowered, if that makes sense. It also helped me immensely when I quite smoking.

    I quite like the African Jade necklace, or the Royal Mala or the Vibration Mala.

    Thank you!!

  58. Meditations from the Mat: Daily Reflections on the Path of Yoga was the first yoga book I read or dipped in to. I read it consistently for a couple of months before being a little turned off by the God focus. I almost gave it away at that point. It took more yoga for me to cast off the man in the sky God I had been pulled up on and reinterpret God in a more personal way. I have started to dip in again.

  59. My first yoga book was from a second hand store, but I don’t remember the name of it. I plan on returning it to the used book store when I am through with it so someone else can learn from it.
    I sure like the serendipity, guardian and adventure malas. I couldn’t decide!

  60. “Light on Yoga,” B.K.S. Iyengar! Why? Because when I first started practicing yoga, a teacher of mine would mentions body parts I had never heard of (There’s an inner thigh??) and give cues like “Internally rotate!” (which made absolutely no sense to me). I figured the best way to learn was to see it done–and have it explained by–the best. “Light on Yoga” continues to be one of the most used yoga books I own, not only because it’s so detailed and easy to follow, but also for the wisdom it imparts. “The yogi fears none and none need fear him, because he is purified by the study of the Self.” — Yum!

    Thank you so much for this giveaway (I would love an Amethyst Om Mala: Peace, Serenity, Spirituality), and for so many yoga book recommendations!!

  61. The first yoga book I read was Saltwater Buddha, a book fused with yoga, surfing and searching for zen.

    Two quotes from the book that struck out for me:

    “But I’d started believing I couldn’t do it. And so I couldn’t. But now I had experienced it. And I knew.” – Jaimal Yogis

    “Finally, the mind becomes like the sea in a calm weather. Ripples of discursive thoughts occasionally run over its surface, but in the depths, it is never disturbed.” – Matthieu Ricard

    I love the Starstuck Mala! So simple and beautiful.

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