Who Owns Yoga? The people!…and the documentary is pretty interesting too…

Trying to answer the question, “Who owns yoga?” this Al Jazeera documentary is a pretty fascinating look at current trends in the yoga community, highlighting the variety and creativity of the modern yoga practice (which sort of drives me crazy sometimes, but to each their own…) as well as the tension between the ancient spiritual practice and the ancient never-ending desire to make a buck.

The documentary’s apparently been out for a few months, so perhaps you’ve already seen it, but I just came across it last night on Yoga International’s website and thought I’d share in case it hadn’t hit your radar. If you’re interested in yoga, it’s pretty entertaining from start to finish and includes a great cast of characters from the modern yoga community.


  1. I firmly believe, no body owns Yoga. This is a gift from ancient Indian mystics to the whole world and it is for any body and every body who seeks to lead a peaceful and healthy life through Yoga postures. I think we can easily compare Yoga with immensely popular martial techniques from East Asia, especially China and Japan. No body claims to patent and own these wonderful self defense techniques though there are different schools of these martial arts and If I am not wrong, every school has its own signature style. Likewise quite a few schools of Yoga have sprung up. There is nothing wrong with making money through it. Knowledge and expertise has a value and to get that value, you must pay for it.

  2. There’s definitely a lot of hacks and fake people out there in the yoga community … it’s time we had a discussion about it…

  3. Have you heard about the corporation Yogaglo and their tactics of intimidation? They once tried to patent filming yoga classes to the disappointment of 14,000 people in the yoga community, and now they are STILL up to no good! They continue to attack small companies who talk about yoga OR fitness information with “glo” or “glow” in their name, excluding others from sharing this spiritual practice while suppressing free-speech and free-use! Sign the new petition against Yogaglo’s business tactics here: https://www.change.org/p/yogaglo-derik-mills-yogaglo-stop-suppressing-free-speech-and-free-use-of-yoga-fitness-information

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