10 Signs You Need a Yoga Retreat


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A full ninety percent of all doctor visits are related to stress. Since yoga itself is meant to be therapeutic, we need it now more than ever. It works on our behalf to benefit us physically, emotionally and mentally. Fundamentally, healing (on any level) can only take place when we are relaxed.

When your life is on autopilot, it’s easy to exhaust yourself by running yourself ragged. The lack of change, doing the same things over and over simply grind down your spirit. If you find yourself growing more impatient and constantly over-reacting rather than patiently responding, then you are an ideal candidate for a mental vacation. There is no better place to take a break than by going on a Yoga Retreat. Take a moment to check in and ask yourself are you exhibiting any of these signs?

10 Signs You Need a Yoga Retreat

  1. You are feeling both wired and tired. There is a constant, simmering anxiety that you can’t shake. This results in feeling exhausted and unable to relax. You can’t seem to get out of fight or flight syndrome. You regularly feel like you are running out of time because your brain is in hyper mode and life feels sped up.
  2. Insomnia is taking over. You’re having trouble sleeping, either getting to sleep or staying asleep. You wake up tired and have been living as if fatigue is the new normal.
  3. You are feeling indecisive about even the smallest decisions.
  4. You are over-reacting, or your responses are not in proportion to the situation. You are more easily triggered and can’t control it any more.
  5. You are distracted and find it difficult to concentrate on one thing for very long.
  6. You wake up feeling stressed. You’ve lost the ability to choose smart stress where you control the intensity and duration.
  7. You can’t remember the last time you felt totally relaxed. The application of Rest and Digest is a faint memory.
  8. You want to quit everything but feel paralyzed to change even one thing.
  9. You keep using phrases like “I’m too busy” and/or “I’m running out of time.”
  10. You have a bunch of unused vacation being stockpiled at work.

If someone you love needs a mental vacation, then be sure to recommend a yoga retreat, invite them along with you! Yoga Retreats are stress-free vacations where your schedule is about promoting Relaxation, Rejuvenation, and Renewal. The good ones are designed to help you recharge. Think of a yoga holiday as the ultimate reset button. Why not schedule one today!? And remember as Hafiz suggests, “Now that all your worry has proved such an unlucrative business, why not find a better job.”

You’ll be glad you did.

Love yourself, love your day, love your life!


Screen Shot Front Silvia CardEditor’s note: This is another inspiring guest post by Daily Cup of Yoga contributor Silvia Mordini, E-RYT, retreat leader, happiness coach, and yogipreneur. Enthusiasm to love your life is contagious around Silvia. Her expert passion connects people to their own joyful potential. Silvia lives her happiness in such a big way that you can’t help but leave her classes, workshops, trainings and retreats spiritually uplifted! Born in Ecuador, raised traveling around the globe, she is an enthusiastic citizen of the world and spiritual adventurer. She has over 10,000 hours and 15 years of teaching experience, owned a yoga studio for 9 years and after being run over by a car used yoga to recover physically and emotionally. Silvia leads Alchemy Tours Yoga Retreats and Alchemy of Yoga RYT200 Yoga Teacher Training.

Silvia can be reached on the Web at http://www.alchemytours.com and http://www.silviamordini.com; or via email at silvia@alchemytours.com. Twitter: @alchemytours@inspiredyogagal; Facebook: Silvia Mordini; YouTube: lovingyourday; Pinterest: Silvia Mordini; Intagram: alchemytours.


  1. Very well article Silvia…considering all those signs. Today’s world is so competitive so I am sure every individual faces these kind of problems and to recover from it we should try yoga retreats….

  2. Loved the intro to your article 🙂 It’s a shame that it’s such a slow process getting doctors on board to recommend yoga to their patients! I’d love to go to a yoga retreat but the reality of being a breastfeeding mum is just too tricky right now. I’m just thrilled to have gotten my 10 minutes in this morning while my toddler crawled all over and under me. At least it makes you see the lighter side of yoga!

  3. This article serves as a great reminder as to why yoga can be such a life altering activity. So much goodness can come from following a good system. Find your zen!

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