Making the Long Drive with Krishna Das

Yesterday, I took an emergency trip to the doctor. Fortunately, the doctor’s visit wasn’t related to anything serious. Unfortunately, the doctor I had to see was a nine and one-half hour car drive away. It’s a little frustrating to drive nearly 20 hours for a 20 minute visit to the doctor, but I tried to make good use of my time.

I started off the drive listening to talk-radio, which was quite inspiring (sarcasm). After a while I realized I could probably find something better to listen to, so I started browsing through some of the CDs in my car. I eventually landed on the Krishna Das page and since I was all by myself for the drive there wasn’t any reason to feel self-conscious about getting into some “Om Namah Shivaya’s”

With a lot of pavement to cover, I popped in Das’ Live on Earth album since I hadn’t ever had a chance to listen to it. I had a good time faking my way through some incoherent chanting. I kind of have to feel my way into the chants and try to pick up what’s being said. When that album was over, I moved on to Greatest Hits of the Kali Yuga, which is one of my favorites of Das, especially to do yoga with when I feel like having music on at home.

Anyhow, while the chanting was fun and helped shorten the seemingly endless miles of pavement in Montana, I’m really happy to be safe, sound and home in Moscow again. If you’ve never chanted much before, and you have a long trip to take by yourself, you might find as I did that there is no better time to let loose with some chanting than while you are alone in your car.

Here are some of Das’s albums to preview:


  1. thanks for the tips on music. I’ll have to get them now.We had I stopped meditating. These music may re-ispire our practice as well as encourage us into the practice of chanting. Glad you are not seriously ill.


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