Yoga Sutra Meditation

Yoga Sutra 2.7 – 2.11

Attachment is a residue of pleasant experience.
Aversion is a residue of suffering.
Clinging to life is instinctive and self-perpetuating, even for the wise.
In their subtle form, these causes of suffering are subdued by seeing where they come from.
In their gross form, as patterns of consciousness, they are subdued through meditative absorption.


  1. Bland is comparison and memory which obfuscates the present. Inner world, kingdom of God. Nature is slow. Fruit falls from the tree when ripe. Persist with meditation and Sathwic foods. Success is guaranteed.

  2. Expection is vanity. If something is bland, we may have desired spice, yet neither is important. We chase the fool when we compare our lives to others, when in reality, oiur lives should reflect our inner illumination of our God. Perhaps labels as bland and spice mean something to those who are out of touch with their own inner strength. Awareness and attitude on our part will keep us from chasing the fool.

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