Garmin 405 ~ My New Obsession

I had a sudden urge of the “I wants it” (really bad) today when I found out that Garmin is set to release its new Garmin 405 for runners sometime this winter. Think of the opening scene in Lord of the Rings where Golem can’t stop talking about his “precious.” That was me this morning.

While I can’t stand having anything on my wrists when I do yoga, running is a different story. For me, checking my time when running has become an absolute necessity. There’s something about looking down at my Ironman Timex that makes my legs move faster. I came perilously close to buying the Garmin 305 last summer, but chose not to when I decided it was still too big for my skinny wrists. It was also a couple hundred dollars cheaper to just buy the Nike+ shoe insert that connects with my iPod. The only problem with that setup is that I feel like I have to listen to music all the time when I run.

However, I think I am now fully committed to saving up for a Garmin 405. I think it will look quite nice on my skinny wrist. Despite the fact that I clearly recognize what a materialistic obsession this is, it’s probably going to be a while before I completely eradicate my thoughts of fascinating new gadgets. Interestingly enough, Lifehacker has a post today on how to avoid getting sucked into buying the latest and greatest gadget. That ought to hold me off for a while at least.
Runner’s World video of the 405
Pre-order on Amazon (great description of the watches capabilities)


  1. I absolutely love my Garmin 405 watch. It has become my best running buddy. Believe me when I say, you will become obsessed. It has improved my time by helping me push myself a little further each time.

    I just bought my Garmin 405 from and it was only $299 w/o HR monitor and 349 w/ HR monitor. This was the only place I could find the watch to be in stock and there customer service was great! I ordered my watch on a Teusday and received it that following Thursday. The other websites said they had them in stock but when I actually ordered the watch they sent me a response letting me know they were back ordered. Very frustrating!

  2. Actofit redefines what fitness trackers can do. With immense applications in fitness, sports, wellness and health, we aim to provide actionable insightful data to enable users to make information driven decisions and lead more satisfied lives.

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