Apple Does Yoga

Hi again.

This is a pretty good incorporation of yoga into an advertisement in my estimation, given the fact that my wife just traded in her not too old, but still a piece of junk PC laptop for a shiny new 24″ iMac. Of course, it’s all just “things” as my mom likes to tell me, so I try not to get too carried away with stuff like this, which is a funny thing to say since the last time I posted on here I talked about my apparent “obsession” with a GPS watch that I was sure I couldn’t live much longer without at the time, but have seemed to survive just fine without [Update: I got a  Garmin GPS watch and love it…].

Isn’t it interesting how we become so obsessed with “things” or, in most cases, the thought of things. That’s not to say that there’s really anything wrong with surrounding ourselves with nice objects, but it just shows how much power the object that we hold at the front of our minds has over our lives.

By the way, if all you can think about is how much you wish you didn’t have spring allergies, here are a few tips for keeping them under control so you can think about something else.

Bye again.

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  1. Your Mom is right is IS all just things. But aren’t they all so fun and wonderful and stimulating.
    It’s working to get beyond the senses and the realization of “things” just as “enticements” “illusions”, as Lao Tzu tell us in the Tao te ching “the world of 10,000 things”. Going beyond toward enlightenment and clarity can be a challenge or a joy, depending on how you look at it.
    thanks for the nice post

  2. Despite sounding like it’s attacking the PC (specifically Vista) more than ever..I really liked the ad…I thought it was a well done ad creative that conveyed the negatives of the operating system well…these commercials are really effective. Adweek actually gave a review on this particular ad and loved it as well.

  3. I go both ways out of necessity for work and school…but I do love the Apple commercials and Mac keeps getting better and better! when my work laptop gets y’know, All Windows on me – I like to say, “PC, don’t be like that.”

    About the “things” – what causes me to laugh at myself, while at the same time feel mildly annoyed is when I look around my home saying, “Where did all of this ‘stuff’ some from and why can’t it just clean itself up!?”

    A day or so later, I’m out at the store, buying a new toy, some sort of product, a book, music CD – whatever – adding more “stuff” to the collection – hilariously silly!

    Thanks for the sinus tips – I will share w/ my sudents. 🙂

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