Manduka eQua Towel Provides Amazing Non-slip Yoga Surface

I ran three miles on the treadmill this morning and then jumped on the yoga mat for some oh so nice cool down poses. Usually when I run I sweat buckets, then by the time I unroll my yoga mat I’m dripping puddles on my mat and slipping around like an ice skater.   It’s kind of gross…and dangerous at times.  Not so today, though.  While I really do like my Black Mat, the truth is when I start sweating a lot it gets a bit slippery.  Maybe I just haven’t worn it in well enough yet.  Anyhow, I think I’ve finally found the perfect combination.

After reading the reviews about the Yogitoes Skidless Premium Mat and the Manduka eQua Towel, I decided to give the eQua Towel a try (I bought the long towel). Although I’m still trying to avoid making unnecessary, life-complicating purchases, I decided that investment in a new yoga towel might slip into an exception to the rule somehow, especially since I’ve been getting tired of feeling my hands and feet sliding out from underneath me while I’m bent over backwards in wheel pose.  Let me just say that in the few days I’ve practiced on it I’m extremely impressed with the new-found non-slip surface the eQua Towel provides when the sweat really gets dripping.  I practiced wheel pose the other day without a hint of slippage.  The towel doesn’t slip, your hands don’t slip, everything stays where it’s supposed to.  It’s awesome! Just that little extra reassurance that my hands felt on the towel made a huge difference in how I practiced the pose.

While the Yogitoes Skidless may be a great towel as well, I can certainly vouch for the eQua Towel as a great addition to your yoga practice.  Drop any questions you have about the towel in the comments and I’ll answer whatever I can based on my experience.



  1. Thank you for the tip! I have slip and slid issues as well and I will definitely investigate this solution – you blog inspires me to continue with my practice – Thank You!

  2. I use the YogiToes Skidless and it’s great as well! I’ve seen both and they are essentially the same thing, no difference I can really point out.

    The towels are great travel accessories too! I use mine when I travel so I don’t have to carry a yoga mat. I spent a month traveling in New Zealand and just rolled out the towel on any old surface for a great practice. I also use it on top of my mat when I teach – I throw it in the wash every few classes and it’s so much more hygienic.

  3. Hi Brian!

    Sorry for necro posting on your site. I would just like to know the reason why you opted to go for the Manduka eQua towel instead of Yogitoes?

    1. Thanks for stopping by Aldous! I’m sure the Yogitoes is also a great yoga towel, but I went with the Manduka eQua for two reasons. First, I already had a Manduka Black Mat so I figured the two pieces of equipment should blend together well. They do. Second, I’m cheap. The eQua costs less on Amazon than Yogitoes. $36 versus $45, respectively. Why pay more when you don’t have to?

      1. Thank you so much Brian! I’ve been stuck in that dilemma for weeks now. You’ve helped me make up my mind, and I’ll be heading over to buy the eQua towel instead. Thank you very much!

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