The Legend of Ganesh, Son of Shiva & Parvati

Ever wonder why Ganesh has an elephant head? MC Yogi illuminates the tradition in the lyrics to “Son of Shiva” on his Elephant Power album:

Son of Shiva

High up in the Himalayan mountain peaks /
their lived a beautiful goddess named Parvati /
Parvati was the wife of the god named Shiva /
the king of all yogi’s who destroys all demons /
now Shiva loved to practice yoga deep in the forest /
away from the world and all the things that lure us /
often meditating for weeks and months /
practicing detachment completely untouched /
but whenever Shiva left, Parvati stayed home /
often feeling sad and all alone /
so one day she prayed and made a wish /
for a son who she could have fun and play with /
the very next morning to her surprise /
a little baby laid right in front of her eyes /
Parvati could hardly control her joy /
for the gods had blessed her with a beautiful boy /


Son of Shiva & Parvati, with an elephants head and a fat belly

One day when Parvati was taking a bath /
she instructed her son to protect the path /
so he stood in the door just like a guard /
there to make sure no one entered the yard /
it was at that time when Shiva returned /
not knowing that his wife recently gave birth /
when he saw the boy he told him to move /
not knowing who his father was the boy refused /
now Shiva’s like this, truth consciousness and bliss /
but he’s crazy when he’s angry so don’t get him pissed /
feeling dissed by the boy Shiva started a rumble /
an epic struggle that shook the jungle /
then out of nowhere Shiva’s trident went chop /
and that’s when the boy’s head was cut off /
when Parvati heard the noise coming from outside /
she rushed to find that her boy had died /


Son of Shiva & Parvati, with an elephants head and a fat belly

All the gods quickly rushed to the scene /
as soon as they heard Parvati’s scream /
she turned toward her Shiva with tears in her eyes /
and painfully explained how the boy was there child /
when Shiva realized the size of this mess /
he became stressed upset and depressed /
that’s when the god Vishnu came up with a plan /
to find another head so the boy could live again /
Shiva said we’ll take the first head that we find /
but we really need to hurry cuz we’re running out of time /
deep in the jungle the gods met an elephant /
a wise old being who attained enlightenment /
he offered his life so the gods took his head /
and quickly returned to where the boy laid dead /
they placed it upon the boys body /
and at first it looked funny and even ungodly /
but Parvati said the head fit just like a glove /
truly a face only a mother could love /
when Shiva saw the boy becoming refreshed /
he embraced his son and named him Ganesh /


Son of Shiva & Parvati, with an elephants head and a fat belly


  1. Thank you for sharing..funny I have been wearing my Ganesha locket for the past few days and information regarding him and his legend have been popping up all over the place..;)

  2. Despite my background being a hindrance, I have always been fascinated by the story of Lord Shiva and this time when Amish Tripathi has come up with a book, the prankier and lighter side of Shiva is also pretty evident in the book and entertains us throughout. His attitude and charisma win over everyone, and so does the author with his sparkling narrative throughout the book. The twist in the tale comes when the average reader believes the battle between good and bad is won, and this twist has been handled brilliantly by Amish Tripathi.

    Just like me, you can also get the book at amazing prices and travel back to 1900 BC through

  3. I love Ganesh! The diagram of the different symbology is excellent! Where did you find it (and are there others of some of the other gods/goddesses)??

  4. Well the explanation is good . While reading it I had actually gone back in those days and was totally absorbed in the story . Thanks .

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