Yoga Challenge Day 10 ~ Commitment

I think I pushed the limits today for what constitutes the bare minimum for a yoga practice. I had a hard track workout this morning, so I don’t feel exercised-deprived. I’m mainly concerned that I’m not prioritizing my time well enough to allow for a solid effort on the mat. That’s probably where class attendance makes a difference in terms of demanding an honest effort. Day 10 is usually that time during the yoga challenge when it’s useful to recommit to the spirit and intent of the challenge.

Honestly, I’ve been obsessed with creating a (hopefully) cool and useful new yoga website: I had this idea pop into my head the other day about a website concept revolving around #yogahacks, i.e, tips for efficient use of technology and media resources in a yoga practice. The hashtag idea came to mind tonight while tinkering on the Internet.

All right, it’s time to recommit to a respectable practice effort. Namaste!


  1. Yoga Hack is looking fabulous!

    Just want to point out that one of the 8 Limbs of yoga is Svadhyaya which concerns all kinds of study and exploration of self, texts, and practice. Working with your thoughts, reflections, and the things that inspire you is part of yoga, too.

    I agree it’s important to keep prioritizing asana because it helps us deal in our bodies and nervous systems with the tendency to procrastinate in every kind of practice and life choice.

    But as we grow it’s also very important to integrate practice into real life. I know your pages are read by thousands of people who feel supported and befriended. Don’t judge your urge to make a contribution! We all want to keep company with you.

    1. Excellent point, Susan! I love the concept of Svadhyaya because, well, I love to study, explore, and learn new things. The Eight Limbs ROCK! So true that yoga does not just happen when we step on the mat; it’s about opening our awareness to the unity and oneness of each of our lives. Easy concept to put onto paper, a little harder to put into practice. But, I guess that’s why we practice:) All the best, Brian

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