Yoga Challenge Day 9 ~ Tree in the Wind

Practiced yoga out on the dock again today after running 4 miles home from a pancake breakfast. Today was more blustery than normal, which made Tree pose more of an adventure than normal. I could definitely get used to living right on the water. I finished up with a nice meditation on the rippling waves.

I’m also definitely getting pumped about this new Yoga Hack website concept. Lots more to come in the next week hopefully.


  1. sigh- that sounds lovely. I Adored practicing on the dock(s) wherever I lived. nothing like it.

    you’ve just given me an idea of some evening yoga tomorrow night! 🙂

  2. I hope you’re proud of yourself for the 30 day run and the 7lbs. Very inspiring blog in design and content. Thanks very much. Hoping to follow suit. Check me out when you get a chance. It’s good to see someone from any background can really go for it when making a decision to be committed. Best wishes,

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