Yogi Bhajan’s Seven Steps to Happiness

I found the following happiness formula on one of my favorite yoga blogs, Julia Lee Yoga, and had to share it on Daily Cup of Yoga.  I love how each step builds upon the other.

1. Commitment

In every life you are meant to commit. That is why the word is commit-meant. Commitment gives you character.

2. Character

Character is when all your characteristics – all facets, flaws and facts – are under your control. Yin and yang meet there, totally balanced. Character gives you dignity.

3. Dignity

People start trusting you, liking you, respecting you. Dignity will give you divinity.

4. Divinity

Divinity is when people have no duality about you. They trust you right away. They have no fear about you. Divinity gives you grace.

5. Grace

Where there is grace, there is no interference, no gap between two people, no hidden agenda. Grace gives you the power to sacrifice.

6. Sacrifice

You can stand in any pain for that person. That sacrifice gives you happiness.

7. Happiness

You should make yourself so happy, that by looking at you, other people become happy.”
~ Yogi Bhajan



  1. Hey there! Love this post. I recently dove in to the Yoga Sutra and I’m LOVING the way every page builds on the next. It’s incredible the way yoga is such a process, and such a time-consuming, life-changing, eye-opening one at that! Isn’t it a beautiful way of life? Hope all is well. Love the pic too! Feel free to swing by AliveintheFire sometime soon, too. I’m finally back to blogging after the best honeymoon ever! 🙂 Namaste–

  2. The 7 most important elements to keep one healthy and happy are the ones you’ve mentioned in your post here . If you don’t mind I would like to add the 8th element which according to me will complete the list , that is – yoga. Practicing yoga everyday gives stability to both mind and body .

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