The self-described “overly brief and incomplete history of yoga” flowchart…

… an amazing tool for exploring the diversity of yogic lineages.
Mind-bogglingly fun to think about and look at… 

Skillfully created and kindly shared by Alison Hinks
PDF version


  1. i spent a good 20 minutes of looking at this. completely mind blowing.. or boggling as you said. such a rich history, and sad to see it diluted by american culture.

  2. Mind blowing, for sure. There are lifetimes worth of experience for us to learn and understand. Even though it has been diluted, I wonder if it won’t make a strong comeback as there is so much discontent in this day. I hope it does.

    This chart offers a good overall perspective.
    Thank you for taking the time to put it together. ~ Heather Johnston

  3. Great idea to create a visual reference, org chart/infographic. Infographics are a big hit these days. This is definitely something that could be useful to a teacher who has a good foundation in learning the history, origins and lineage of yoga.

    However, as a teacher who only understands a bit of the more recent history and a smidgen of the origins of yoga I find the bottom section is more clear to me than the top.

    Is there a way the origins could be displayed so someone who has no idea could understand just from looking at this diagram?

    Just curious 😉

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