Juil Sandals Make Happy Yogi Feet

Living on a semi-tropical island pretty much means sandals and flip-flops are a staple of life. Avid yogis also appreciate the simplicity of sandals since they make jumping onto the yoga mat that much easier.  One thing I’ve discovered from all my sandal wearing though is that not all sandals are created equally.  I’m definitely a picky sandal wearer–they have to look, and more importantly feel just right–so I have to say I could hardly contain the smile on my face the day I received a pair of Juil Apollo sandals in the mail and slipped them on my feet.

Juil Sandals

Juil is an up-and-coming startup company (you may have recently seen their ads in Yoga Journal and Yoga International) that designs unique sandals with Energy Flow Technology. As you can see from the pictures, the soles of Juil sandals have copper conductors that “discharge and absorb the earth’s natural energies with every step you take, connecting you to the earth in a way that traditional footwear doesn’t.”  As their website says:

Yoga restores your physical balance. Meditation restores your mental balance. Juil sandals restore your natural balance of energy…

You’ll feel it from your heel and toes to the very core of your being. And more importantly, you’ll be connected to essential life forces, like you’ve never been before.

Although I’m not so sure my life has been transformed because my sandals have copper energy conductors in the soles, I must say that Juil sandals are the complete package, and I mean that literally.  While some companies know how to design great products, they often fall short on the product delivery.  As a connoisseur of aesthetic product packaging, I would compare Juil’s unboxing experience to that of cracking open a new Apple product.  From the pull-tab on the shiny slide-out box (gonna have a tough time getting rid of that box) to the sandals lovingly wrapped in a yoga mat carrying case, I know it sounds cheesy, but it was kind of inspiring. I mean, seriously, sandals wrapped in a yoga mat bag…how cool is that?!?

If you’re looking for some sandals to keep your feet happy this summer, then check out Juil’s current lineup of men’s and women’s sandals or visit Juil’s Facebook page to hear what others are saying.


  1. I have two pairs of these sandals (Brio and Mojanda) and I LOVE them! Not only are the packaging materials of high quality but most importantly the sandals are supreme to any other “flip-flops” or sandals I own. The leather is so soft and the color selections are fabulous!

  2. While waiting for my yoga class to start I saw the display and promptly tried one on as I have such a difficult time finding flip flops/sandals that are comfortable yet have substance…not to mention nice looking…..fast delivery, beautiful box, great bag….they are on my feet and already I know I will be ordering a second pair…as soon as I figure out which one to choose!

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