The Evolution of a Yoga Blog…

I'm gonna try to open up a little more... (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I'm gonna try to open up a little more... (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Daily Cup of Yoga used to be my own little personal yoga blog universe. I remember the first week I started the blog and how excited I felt to have 20 people serendipitously happen upon it. I had no idea where they came from, but somehow people slowly started following the blog, linking up in the yoga blogosphere, and coming back for more. I didn’t really start the blog for social interaction though (I’m mostly an introvert)–I started it because I love yoga and wanted a place to talk about it…even if it was just to myself–but I’m not going to lie…it was kind of a thrill to watch the blog grow over the years. And then Twitter came along, and Facebook, and then Tumblr, and then Pinterest, and man, it all started to steam roll and it was just so cool to link up with all these other yogis all over the world. I’m so grateful to all of you, whether old or new readers, who comment, link, share, and inspire me in so many amazing ways! THANK YOU!!

Like all of you, I’m busy with family, busy with work, busy with life in general–all good things really–but I guess juggling a blogging/social network presence late at night after the kids go to bed has been fun, but it’s not been my #1 priority. That’s a good thing, but sometimes I definitely feel that gnawing in my stomach (maybe my ego…) to keep the wheels of Daily Cup of Yoga turning.

With that said, may I digress and perhaps mildly rant for a moment...

Now that Daily Cup of Yoga isn’t really a tiny little yoga blog anymore (tiny little yoga blogs are some of the best!), sometimes this whole blogging thing feels like a crushing weight on my time and sanity. There’s no doubt the blogging passion comes and goes, but the last thing I want to do is send out crappy content to thousands of blog followers, and so I’ve started to feel the pressure every time I hit the publish button. I’m not sure whether to call it a waxing or waning moment–perhaps a little yin balancing the yang–but my current blogging attention span is about as long as…I’m not sure how to describe it…it’s just not very long right now.

In fact, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr–social media in general–they all just feel kind of dull to me right now. Like I said, at times I’ve loved them and really enjoyed the interaction they brought with other likeminded yogis, and sometimes they just feel like a time-sucking, distracting burden. And then I sit there and wonder where in the world 10,842 10,848 twitter followers came from (six new followers while I wrote this)…Never saw that coming either! But I’m grateful to have them, even though sometimes these social networks also add a little pressure to share bits of sage advice or helpful yoga wisdom, maybe even just to keep people coming back for more and (should I say it?) validate my presence in the yoga blogosphere… You know what I’m talking about…and it’s true.

There’s no doubt my personal blogging here on Daily Cup of Yoga has been doggie-paddling along for some time now (at least that’s how it feels to me). Luckily, we’ve had many wonderful contributors to Daily Cup of Yoga who have taken up the slack and provided interesting and relevant articles for yoga lovers to enjoy on a regular basis. When I started Daily Cup of Yoga I never envisioned this would be a place for others to find a voice and audience in the yoga community, but that’s kind of how it’s evolved. Most of the time I’m pretty happy about that, even if some of the contributors are just looking for a cheap linkback. Not everyone who sends me stuff gets published, and sometimes I have to edit the crap out of some of the writing, which actually takes a lot of time, but guest bloggers have definitely been an added bonus that have contributed to Daily Cup of Yoga’s growth and success. Bottom-line, if there’s a nugget of helpful yoga wisdom, I’m usually willing to share it. Many thanks to all of the contributors over the last few years! Please keep sharing!!

I know I’ve opined a little bit more than usual in this post, but I’ll end by saying that in all honesty, I’ve had a ton of fun creating this website, expanding into the online social yoga community, and creating a place for others to share their insights about yoga. Who knows where it will go next? Like most of you, my life does not revolve around blogging about yoga and I hope you’ll forgive those times when the blog tends to wane more than wax eloquent, but I also hope you won’t mind if Daily Cup of Yoga remains a place where I can occasionally get a little more personal again about my life and my yoga.



  1. i just now came across your blog, so i haven’t even begun diving into your posts. but i totally get you on the ebb and flow of blogging. i’ve kept a personal blog since i was 15 (more than half my life!), and while my readership – as far as i know – has never expanded much beyond my immediate family, a few cousins and some college friends, i find that i still enjoy it FOR ME. i can see my whole personal journey and laugh about what i had written 10 years ago. i hope you continue to find joy in the process and what you’re able to share with others!

  2. Brian – I have mostly been following your blog behind the scenes for about a year, but have definitely been enjoying it! I love the honesty of this post of the ups and downs that you’ve faced emotionally, it really shows how dedicated you have to be to run a successful blog and continue to have a loyal following. Keep up the great work!

  3. I’m just starting out on the web as well and it is a very daunting task. Social media, etc. are becoming so dominant out there and so important with regards to marketing and getting your name out there. They are great tools, but take a lot of time and effort. You have a great blog and hope that you continue sharing your thoughts about yoga.

  4. Thanks so much for this great post; reassuring and comforting to hear this, and as always really informative. Sometimes the blogsphere (especially for newbies like me) can be quite a intimidating place, oddly, and human writing with passion and soul like yours can be so encouraging. It’s such a treasure to have a little patch of space to place and chart one’s thoughts, hopes and dreams… Thanks xx

  5. Thank you for this great post. I have just started blogging as well and I am so excited to get started. As a newbie to the blogging world it was really nice to see all the ups and downs that you go through. Very inspiring!

  6. Hi Brian,
    Yes, I can relate to having similar feelings and the occasional pressure to “perform” by keeping up a regular content creation habit. It’s also natural to feel a sense of responsibility to your readers and the community you’ve attracted.

    Thank you for openly sharing this tension. It gives others permission to be themselves and feel whatever they are feelings, as well, without judgment.

    My sense is folks have become attracted to you and your blog for you being you. As the comments here already posted, it’s clear to me that you are consistently inspiring and have nothing to worry about!

    It’s the natural order of the universe to wax and wane, cycle and flow, move up and down….

  7. Sharing some personal experiences in itself is a great achievement. They say that “teaching is twice learning” so give it a shot! You are doing a great job! Namaste!

    Here’s another great blog to inspire


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