10 Tips for Mindful Living

It’s not always easy to practice mindful awareness when the day starts to get hectic. A pleasant hour on the yoga mat early in the morning can quickly become a long lost memory once we put the keys in the ignition and hit the gas pedal. It seems like the busier the day gets, the more quickly our intention to be mindful is replaced with reaction, and pretty soon our emotions seem like they are being driven by each passing event. When that happens we might start to wonder whether our meditation and yoga practices are actually doing us any good. Perhaps it’s time to climb out of the river of life for a moment, to clear our minds, and recognize that mindfulness practice extends beyond the crossed-legged position to every moment of our lives. As a helpful reminder, here is a list of 10 tips for practicing mindfulness during the mundane activities of life.

[Photo originally uploaded on Flickr by alterednate]

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