For the love of lululemon…

…in case you were wondering what to do with all your lululemon bags…

If anyone’s listening from lululemon, I’m incredibly frustrated that you don’t deliver to overseas military addresses. What’s up with that? Would it really be so hard to use the U.S. postal system?
We need our lulu too!

[UPDATE #1: I’d love to say lululemon fixed the shipping issue immediately–they did not–but I can say they did contact me immediately to let me know my concern was passed along to the shipping team. Hopefully I’ll have a happy update #2 in the near future!]


  1. i love it!i want to make my own hahahaha!! i wish i had more lulu bags… but we dont have lululemon in mexico… so i have to do all my shopping at once when i go visit my friends to canada or united states….. 🙂

  2. That’s a bummer they won’t ship to you! I get so frustrated by companies who won’t ship to Hawaii. I imagine there are even more who won’t ship to overseas military addresses. Smart use of the bags!

  3. Hi, based on my experience, I would not recommend anyone to shop at Lululemon online if you are not living in the States. To save on hefty shipping charges, I had my items shipped to a friend who is working in the States. He was due to return to Singapore where i live, for a holiday. However, he had to postpone his return, and I only received my items after the 14 day return period had lapsed. The items turned out to fit me very badly and I emailed Lululemon for a refund if I were to mail the items back to me. I explained that the delay is due to the fact that the items were sent to the US while I live in Singapore. The items have not been worn but Lululemon STRICTLY stuck to their returns policy. They insisted that they were very kind to give me a giftcard instead, but to me, this is is no good. I would have to incur shipping charges to first of all to ship the items back to the States from Singapore, and then pay for the shipping of the items from the States back to Singapore, when and if i decide to use the gift card. The costs of shipping to and fro would completely negate the value of the gift card. I am very disappointed with Lululemon’s aftersales service. First of all, most retailers allow a 30 day returns policy and even then some are reaLly flexible about it. Zohba was very gracious to GIVE ME A FULL REFUND though I had exceeded the 30 day period, as long as the items were not worn. This is what i call GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE. Lululemon’s attitude makes me feel like they feel they could afford to lose a customer; and that they are so profit-oriented (the gift card means they still get to keep the money they have made from me when I made the purchase); they don’t care about customer satisfaction. I would choose Zohba over Lululemon in future as I also find their quality better though their design range is rather limited and conservative.

    1. @Mavis ~ Thanks for the comment. Online clothes shopping can definitely be a little risky, especially when you live overseas. Overseas shipping from lululemon isn’t perfect (I’m still waiting for APO shipping), or free like their U.S. shipping, but I’m sure there are a many who are happy to have the option to get their lululemon fix when they live in a far off land. Options are good. Return policies are definitely something to keep in mind. As far as shipping price, depending on what you order, their $30 flat rate overseas shipping doesn’t seem all that bad to me. I wish I even had that option. Since I have an APO address, which lululemon doesn’t currently ship to (I’m sure they’re frantically working to figure it out), I’ve tried stateside “ship-around” services (not sure what else to call it) that have cost twice that amount to get stuff delivered. Like I said though, options are good…guess that’s what capitalism is all about.

  4. This is the best idea ever. I love lululemon. They really have the best products ever. I wish they carried better hair ties though. I’ve found these are by far the best – they are so cute with their “I am” collection words!

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