Breath Control: MC Yogi Shares the Secret Sauce of Yoga

Breathe.  A simple reminder to change your life.  One breath at a time.  It’s the secret sauce of yoga.

MC Yogi - Breath Control

MC Yogi nails it in his latest music video: “Breath Control.” It’s a fun, playful reminder to take a deep breath every now an then.  Enjoy.

Here’s more insight from MC Yogi on his inspiration for the video:

I co-wrote Breath Control with my buddy Livingston when I was on Pilgrimage in South India. I wanted to create an anthem that invoked my love of nineties era hip hop combined with the essential yogic teaching of deep steady conscious breath. My wife Amanda and my good friend Michael Rosen of Samplistic Media helped me hand paint all the effects and animations. It was so much fun breathing love into the footage! I decided to dedicate the song and video to Adam Yauch aka MCA of the Beastie Boys because his style was like a breath of fresh air. He breathed a lot of love into hip hop culture, and helped my generation to become more enlightened and aware, for that I am truly grateful. Special thanks to all the good folks at Spiritual Gangster and all the yogis out there. With Love and Respect.”

Also, if you’re in the mood for a pep talk on how to change the world, look no further than MC Yogi’s TEDx presentation from  last year where he shared his “Be the Change” music video.  It’s pretty sweet too.

Peace & Namaste.

MC Yogi - Breath Control - Peace

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