15 Ways Yoga Transforms the Body

yoga transforms

Most of us take our bodies for granted until they quit cooperating. When our bodies act up, that’s when we either make the decision to pop another pill or try something different. Twelve years ago I decided to try something different–yoga–and it’s literally been a life-changing journey ever since.

Maybe you’ve discovered like I have that whenever my body decides to rebel it’s usually because I’ve slacked off in my yoga practice. When I get back to the yoga, everything seems to just fall into place.

Scientific research backs up many of the claims about the benefits of yoga.  The infographic below (originally shared on The Huffington Post) shows 15 of the ways yoga can transform the body.  Check out the infographic and then head on over to Huff Po to delve into a multitude of links with the scientific research and studies that support many of these claims.

If you want extra credit, then you’ll definitely want to take a look (if you haven’t already) at William Broad’s The Science of Yoga or Dr. Timothy McCall’s Yoga as Medicine. Dr. McCall’s website and newsletter also have some great resources on the transforming power of yoga on the body and I give these my highest recommendation.

Happy practice and namaste!

How Yoga Transforms Your Body

Photo credit: not me, it’s another dude on Facebook

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