5 Kid-Friendly Yoga Poses That Will Open Hearts and Minds

By Sara J. Weis Love is in the air, and now is the time to let your heart shine. Yes, flowers and candy are a lovely thought for adults this season, but it is also a good time to open…

Less Yoga Pop, More Yoga Culture: Yoga and Visual Culture Symposium Lectures

If you’re looking for a little less yoga pop and a little more yoga culture, the Freer and Sackler Youtube page has some lectures up from the Yoga and Visual Culture symposium held in November 2013. H/T to The Confluence Countdown

15 Ways Yoga Transforms the Body

Most of us take our bodies for granted until they quit cooperating. When our bodies act up, that’s when we either make the decision to pop another pill or try something different. Twelve years ago I decided to try something…

How to Roll A Yoga Mat…and Survive!

I stared at this picture for a while before I realized I've been rolling up my yoga mat wrong all these years...glad I survived! I mean this is just one more shred of evidence proving how harmful yoga really can…

Phillip Askew New York City Vinyasa Video…Way Cool!

Dharma Moving Yoga Posters by Phillip Askew…Mesmerizing

To see more moving yoga posters, visit Phillip Askew's website or Youtube channel.