Pocket Yoga-Practice Builder iOS App Gets a Great Update…and we’ve got redemption codes!


I’m sure most of us enjoy a little spontaneity in our yoga practice, but there’s also a lot to be said for showing up to a yoga class with a prepared teacher that puts on a smooth-flowing class.  I do most of my yoga at home, but I don’t have many worse yoga pet peeves than practicing with an online yoga video where the teacher goes through a bunch of asanas for one side of the body and forgets to do the same thing for the other side.

Frustrating, distracting, and seems to happen all to often given the frailty and forgetfulness of the human mind…

Fear not! Pocket Yoga-Practice Builder, an iOS app I’ve used for a long time, came out with a great update this week that adds the ability to create repeating sequences with the app and export the sequence to a downloadable PDF. Very helpful for teachers planning classes or even us home-practitioners who like to plan our practices out.  And most importantly, no more forgotten poses!  Just build the routine, roll out the mats, and practice or teach away.

The app makes it easy to create routines, adjust pose duration, and even add your own music.

PBcreate@2xHere’s a sample practice PDF and click here to check out a video with an overview of what Yoga Builder has to offer.

That’s all good news, but the best news for you is that we have 10 free download codes (currently priced at $6.99) to give away! 

To Enter:  Since yoga apps make it super simple to practice yoga just about anywhere, comment below on the weirdest place you’ve ever practiced yoga and you could be one of our random winners!

Update (12 Jan 15): Contest closed… Thanks for sharing the creative and crazy places you’ve busted out a yoga move or two! 10 lucky yogis are now having a fun time building yoga sequences with Pocket Yoga-Practice Builder. Have an amazing week!

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  1. A friend and I practised on the beach during a small typhoon over xmas holidays in Bohol, Philippines. We were desperate to get outside and stretch after being cooped up all day!!

  2. Oh gosh, I’m pretty brutal for just dropping into a downward dog whenever the spirit moves me. I guess the weirdest place would have to be the Great Wall of China!

  3. Not so weird, but the BEST place I’ve done yoga is on a flat, lone rock in the middle of a raging river, Feather River in Northern CA to be exact 🙂

  4. In my backyard. Not very weird actyally, but it totally creeped my mom out cause she was not expecting me there.

  5. In Cairo–specifically at the pyramids–it was a quick 5 min flow but after the long flight we went straight in to a cramped van and drove to all the sights and my lower back needed it badly!
    url of the pic for your entertainment 🙂

  6. I am bicycle traveler and I am cycling around the world and I normally do yoga in my tent every night while wild camping in the middle of the forest, or mountains, beach, park…..

  7. In airports. Between 2 long-haul flights, nothing feels better than an hour or two of yoga. My body thanks me and I get to my destination in a much better state. Sometimes it’s hard to find a good place though. And people stare and comment as they walk by. Creepy guys sit and watch. Makes it harder to focus, but still worth it.

  8. Not weird, but in my front yard with my daughter. It was such a beautiful day! Passerby’s gave use some strange looks.

  9. Thanks everyone for sharing the creative and crazy places you’ve busted out a yoga move or two! Sending out Pocket Yoga Practice Builder redemption codes to 10 lucky yogis right now. Have an amazing week!

  10. Weirdest place I’ve ever done yoga…in a jail cell

    The Pocket Yoga-Practice Builder app is brilliant. This app seems like it can overcome limitations, frustrations and distractions. Digital media is always my go to when practicing at home. I usually resort to Pinterest. 

    I think this particular post is great promotional strategy to get the readers engaged. It makes me think about the impact mobile apps have on healthy living. Will mobile apps become the new fitness gym?

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  12. Yoga Pose, which don’t take a whole lot of space, can be fun to do almost anywhere. Kinda hard to do poses in the shower ( you might slip ), and kind of weird on an elevator ( unless you are alone ) but nevertheless, the challenge is pulling it off perfectly.

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