Weekend Yoga Video: Dharma Mittra Back-bending Sequence

Here’s a little back-bending video by Dharma Mittra for the weekend. Check out the Dharma Yoga Center website to find out more about this legendary yogi. I thought this was an interesting quote by Paramahansa Yogananda I found on the site:

“In the beginning of one’s spiritual search, it is wise to compare various spiritual paths and teachers. But when you find the real guru destined for you, the one whose teachings can lead you to the Divine Goal, then restless searching should cease. A spiritually thirsty person should not go on indefinitely drinking from a new well; rather he should go to the best well and drink daily of its living waters.”


  1. always a pleasure seeing guruji offer pranayams to the world through his asana practice. always inspires me onward.
    maitri karuna muditopeksanam suhka duhka punya apunya vasayanam bhavantas citta prasadanam.

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