Weekend Yoga Video: Y Yoga Movie

Found this clip over at Elsie’s Yoga Kula, where by the way you can find weekly yoga class podcasts to practice with. Elsie’s website also has pictures of the asanas corresponding with her great instruction. So head on over there and take a class or two. Enjoy!


  1. Thank you for sharing this little excerpt of Y Yoga. It is a feature length film that will be available either in December or February depending if it gets into the Sundance film festival.

    I actually have a few more clips posted on the web:

    Soldiers practicing yoga in Iraq

    Shiva Rea

    Although there is a temporary website http://www.YYogaMovie.com the new improved version 2.0 will be up when i return from Bryan Kest’s teacher training in Tullum Mexico this September.

    in peace,

  2. Hey MY people are in there – CHILDREN w/ Leah from Yoga Ed – YAY!!!!! Thank you fo sharing – I’m goign to pop the link and video onto my LRC Yoga Blog. Namaste ~ Om Shanti ~ 🙂 ~ Hugs.

  3. Hi .

    Thank you for being the change we would all like to see in the world.

    I am proud to announce that after 6 years the complete documentary feature film “Y Yoga Movie”

    is NOW AVAILABLE from http://www.YYogaMovie.com.

    Please let me know what you think of the entire 88 minute documentary about Yoga as practiced all over in this modern day. Please help get the word out that the more people that practice yoga and meditate the better we will all be.



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