Weekend Yoga Video: Soldiers Learn Yoga

Here’s another segment from the Y Yoga movie. I’m pretty sure that Diamond Dallas Page was a professional wrestler and now it looks like he’s changed his focus a bit. Talk about a no nonsense yoga instructor. I was pleasantly surprised with his earnestness in giving the soldiers in Iraq a gift that will help them better face the challenges they are up against.  I really quite liked this clip.

It sounds like the full-length feature film will debut in December of this year or February of next year.


  1. I am the filmmaker of Y Yoga. It is a full length feature film and I will be having a free community screening of this work in progress in Santa Monica California September 16th to remember and reflect on this anniversary of 911.

    If you are in Santa Monica you can get the screening information at the films new site (still building) http://www.YYogaMovie.com

    Thanks for your interest and support.

    Arthur Klein

  2. Hi DCoY,

    I have been getting great reviews in print
    Fit Yoga Mag

    LA Yoga Magazine

    and would love for you to cover Y Yoga Movie for your blog. Please let me know if i can send you a review copy of the DVD.

    I have also started a blog to track my journey as it has continued to unfold since completing Y Yoga Movie.
    I have put your blog on my blog roll and would appreciate your consideration for a place on your blog roll.

    I would love to hear from you.

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