77 Health Benefits of Yoga

If you’re still looking for a few good reasons to try yoga or do more yoga, here are 77 of them.  The list covers everything from “health benefits without,”  “health benefits within,” “emotional health benefits,” “body chemistry,” “exercise benefits,” “disease prevention,” and “symptom reduction or alleviation” that are brought about through regular yoga practice.  The list also has some good links to resources if you are interested in doing some further research.  It seems that modern science is slowly beginning to catch on to what all the old yogi scientists of yore already knew.

The same blog also has a great listing of yoga resources you may wish to browse.  There were a few sites I’d never seen.


  1. Wow – such a great article. I’m aware of many of these benefits, but it’s quite amazing to see them listed like this.

    The photo attached to this post attracted my attention as I recently launched a new yoga apparel company called Even Keel, http://evenkeelyoga.com.

    I thought of the name while sailing on the Chesapeake Bay! Yoga and sailing are a great combination.

    Thank you for this inspiring info and photo!

  2. You have to check out the amazing workouts in Fitness Magazine this month. they have daisy fuentes at 41 on the cover in a bikini. it just came out this week.

  3. Hey There ~

    Fantastic site, well-organized, uplifting, insightful. Thanks.

    I am linking you up. Apparently your page auto-generated a related post that linked to my page. Neat.

    Hope all is well,

  4. Yoga practice massages internal organs, thus improving the ability of the body to prevent disease. Additionally, an experienced yoga practitioner becomes better attuned to her body to know at first sign if something isn’t functioning properly, thereby allowing for quicker response to head off disease.

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