Rock a Healthy Shoulderstand with Sadie Nardini

Came across this great shoulderstand video on Rand(Om) Bites.  Do it right and it feels great; do it wrong and…just don’t do it wrong, okay.  Better yet, this is one of those poses best learned at the hands of a skilled teacher before you get too wild and crazy on your own.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Also, check out this snazzy Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga poster.  I love cool yoga posters.

Question of the day:  Can Yoga Save the World?



  1. Oh dear…I could scrub laundry on that rack of ribs showing through her skin. Very disturbing to watch someone that painfully skinny teaching yoga and very disturbing to watch a video teach shoulderstand…so irresponsible.

    1. yogachickie, so what you’re saying is that skinny people can’t teach or do yoga… now that’s just silly.

      But I do agree that shoulderstand, and a ton of other poses, are best learned first-hand from a well-trained teacher. Point duly noted, and post updated. Not all of us are so lucky unfortunately. Baghdad is like a ball and chain around my ankle… But I do enjoy getting new insights into yoga poses from some of these videos . Peace!

  2. Nooooo…”skinny” is GREAT. “Painfully” skinny (the descriptor I chose) is not great.

    Yes, yoga videos can be lots of fun and useful too. It is DEFINITELY possible to injure yourself trying to emulate a yoga teacher on film though.

    1. I just think you don’t like the instructor’s shirt:) Less plunging neckline, not soooo “painfully” skinny … perhaps?

      To be quite honest, I really, really, really don’t like practicing to DVDs, for all the same reasons you articulate in your 90 minutes flat piece on Huffington Post. Too much quackery sometimes. I appreciate your straight-forward style.

      P.S. the link on your old blog to your new blog isn’t correct. I think you left off a .com or something.

  3. Could be the shirt, yes, you are right…the choice of attire could be the thing here.

    Ah, the quackery. Yes, it is annoying. But when you can get through it, you’ve really done your yoga, yes?

  4. Regardless of what she “looks” like, I still think it’s a good video to watch. I totally agree with being taught by a teacher with proper guidance first, as always with any new practice. Great to see you blogging again Brian!

  5. After sleeping on the thought, I’ve finally decided that sometimes I like “quackery” and sometimes I don’t. Impermanence rules the day once again!

  6. I didn’t find her instruction or her look disturbing at all. I thought this was a great demo of how to do this often difficult pose in a mindful manner. She cautions you many times on what not to do, and how this should feel when done correctly.

    I would suggest you watch the demo first, then listen to her talk you through it while looking up at the ceiling to keep your neck in a neutral position.

    Thanks for this nugget!

  7. This asana is one I rarely teach and when I do, my students always get an anatomy of the neck lesson given some people make this into a neck stand, not a shoulderstand. YIKES! Agreed on countering with Fish pose! 🙂

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