Dharma Moving Yoga Posters by Phillip Askew…Mesmerizing

To see more moving yoga posters, visit Phillip Askew's website or Youtube channel.

Check out the updated “overly brief and incomplete history of yoga” flowchart

Happy to share the latest version of this yoga lineage flowchart from Alison Hinks. Have fun comparing with the previous version of the chart.

Rock a Healthy Shoulderstand with Sadie Nardini

Came across this great shoulderstand video on Rand(Om) Bites.  Do it right and it feels great; do it wrong and...just don't do it wrong, okay.  Better yet, this is one of those poses best learned at the hands of a…

Ashtanga Yoga Intermediate Series Poster

Click here if you're looking for the Primary Series poster...  

Primary Series and Lots of Sweat!

After Tuesday's beginner Ashtanga yoga class at Practice Yoga, I got brave today and wandered into the Primary Series class. Now, I've read David Swenson's Ashtanga Yoga book and screwed around with some of the short series stuff, but let…

908 Asana Poster by Sri Dharma Mittra

This beautiful, comprehensive yoga chart has been a staple in Ashrams, Yoga Studios and Homes since it was introduced to the world by Sri Yogi Dharma Mittra nearly 30 years ago.