Mix Up Your Home Yoga Practice with Some New Yoga DVDs from Yoga Journal

It’s been a while since I was really into practicing yoga with DVDs, but I recently became  reconverted after integrating a few new yoga DVDs into my practice.  After finding myself in a bit of an asana rut, it was time to change things up.  Among my favorite home practice DVDs are two that I recently received from Yoga Journal.

Yoga for Morning, Noon and Night:  I honestly love this practice, especially the night routine.  As a hard-charging /ashtanga yoga wannabe, I generally have a tough time feeling satisfied with a yoga practice that doesn’t induce massive amounts of sweat.  With that said, given the health scare I had last month I knew I needed to slow things down a little bit.  The three 20 minute practice sessions in this DVD filled that niche perfectly.  You may ask, “Is 20 minutes of yoga really enough?”  Of course you’re never going to go to a yoga class for just 20 minutes, but in the comfort of your own home, sometimes 20 minutes of yoga is exactly what you need to regain energy, destress, or unwind.  Ninety minutes of yoga is certainly nice, but I also subscribe to the philosophy that a little yoga is better than no yoga at all.

Yoga for Strength and Toning:   This practice feels just like an awesome studio yoga class — well-paced and balanced from start to finish.  About 20 minutes into the 60-minute toning and strengthening sequence, I definitely had sweat in my eyes.  Add to that a 30-minute core strengthening practice and this is a killer workout for the intermediate level yogi.

If shaking up your home practice sounds appealing, the good news is that from now until Mother’s Day (8 May 2011), you can use the discount code “MD” and receive 20% off your entire order from Yoga Journal.  No, I don’t work for Yoga Journal (just a long-time subscriber).  I’m not really trying to sell you anything.  Just figured I’d give a heads up on a good deal if you’re in the market.

Of course both DVDs are also available on Amazon.com (here and here) for at least 20% off in case you miss the Yoga Journal sale, or perhaps prefer Amazon’s free shipping.  I also discovered that if you live in the States (which I currently don’t) you can rent Yoga for Strength and Toning for seven days on Amazon instant streaming for a buck ninety-nine or purchase a download to keep forever for $9.99.  Lots of other great yoga titles are [becoming] available for instant download as well.

With so many great yoga DVDs out there these days, I’m curious which one’s are your favorites?

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