Soul Freedom and How it Relates to Your Real-World Life


Could you live free? Really, truly, free.

It’s a question that, these days, a lot of people are answering ‘yes’ to. Yes, we can be who we truly want to be. Yes, we can live outside the 9 to 5 box. Yes, we can create a reality that’s reflective of our dreams.

Here are five living proofs of real-world soul freedom, and how all of it relates to yoga, Tantra, your intrinsic soul desires, and moksha.


  1. Chris Gillebeau, author of The Art of Non-Conformity. Living proof that freedom can be fun and financially rewarding.
  2. Pamela Slim, author of Escape from Cubicle Nation and Body of Work. Another living proof that real-world freedom is not just possible, it’s already happening.
  3. Jonathan Fields, career renegade and author of Uncertainty: Turning Fear and Doubt into Fuel for Brilliance, and founder of Sonic Yoga studios in New York City.
  4. Air BnB. Cheap places to stay with wonderful people. Travel on a tight budget? It’s happening. Vanity Fair reports some have noted that Air BnB will soon be booking more rooms per night than Hilton Hotels.
  5. Swami Maheshananda Saraswati, of the Bihar School of Yoga and my friend. He travels the globe, and has been for years since leaving the ashram. “I don’t really worry about where money is coming from,” he says. And it arrives. It just does.


Moksha, translated as freedom and liberation, is intrinsic.

Ancient Vedic texts describe four soul desires. The four purusharthas are also known as the four aims of life. They’re directly linked to the personal, unique Jivatman part of our soul, and the infinite, unlimited Paramatman, part of our soul.

  1. Dharma: your duty, calling or life’s purpose.
  2. Artha: prosperity, or having the things you need to do your dharma.
  3. Kama: pleasure, the reward of living our dharma.
  4. Moksha: liberation or freedom.


Tantra (which Kundalini yoga is a part of) teaches us that everything is cosmic. Our external reality is a reflection of the divine, and the divine within us. What we experience in our waking, walking, everyday world is directly connected to our divine nature.

And if our divine nature is shuttered, then our waking reality will reflect that. We might have a job we don’t like; a daily routine that makes us feel stressed, drained, and anxious; or feel like we have to do a lot of things we really don’t want to.

Soul freedom ignites real-world freedom.

When we free our soul, and begin to live from a place of love instead of fear, we see that begin to play out in our everyday lives. We find a way to create our dream career, we meet the mate we’ve been wishing for, and strange, magical things begin happening. Random opportunities come without us seeking them, we happen to show up in just the right place at just the right time, and things just seem to flow.

We free our soul, and liberate our life.

I invite you to look for more living proof that real-world soul freedom is not just possible, it’s already happening. All over the world.




Editor’s note: This was another guest post from the amazing Lindsey Lewis–life coach and yoga teacher. Stay up to date with her latest at www.libreliving.comFacebook, and Twitter.

Photo credit: Yoga Inspiration

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